Manchester United: Deserved Winners or Just Plain Lucky???

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IMarch 21, 2010

Manchester United's boss Ferguson had commented "They are lucky with that," referring to Liverpool's luck although in a completely different aspect. He further expressed his wish to be lucky as them.

Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool read the score board at full time. Manchester United took a step forward in defending their title while Liverpool fell a step back from their challenge for securing a Champions League spot. Anyone who watched the game had to believe that Fergie's wishes had come true in a different manner and he will be thanking his stars.

The match started with Liverpool creating waves of attack and Manchester just fending them off somehow. Within five minutes from the start, Torres put the Reds' ahead capitalising on some sloppy defending by United's defenders.

But the stroke of luck was with Manchester United as they earned a penalty from what was supposedly a foul committed by Mascherano outside the penalty box. Valencia just did enough by going down inside the box and earning the penalty (he has learnt well from his mentor Ronaldo who was a master in these subject). Rooney's spot kick was fended off superbly by Reina. But Manchester are a "lucky" team. The ball fell back in Rooney's way and he made no mistake this time.

After the match against Liverpool many who have followed United's matches for the past few years will agree that Manchester United are undoubtedly lucky". They get "lucky" every time they need it. Whenever they are down they get a "lucky" goal or a "lucky" chance to find their way back up.

Earlier the season, in their match against Sunderland, United were losing 2-1 in the final minutes. But then a "lucky" deflection from Sunderland defender Anton Ferdinand's leg secured them a draw. In the 2008 Champions League final against Chelsea, Manchester were on the verge of losing in penalties when Blues' captain John Terry slipped and missed the penalty. Manchester earned another "lucky" win. They also won similarly in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

Apart from luck they also have the favor of match officials. Just as in today's match with Liverpool, the referee gave a penalty instead of a free kick. That decision changed the course of the match and maybe the course of the Premier League. Similarly, in the match against city rivals Manchester City earlier in the season, the officials extended the game beyond injury time in which Owen scored the winner for United. Anyone who had watched the match would agree that Manchester City deserved to win but they did not have the "luck" nor the favor of match officials.

The second goal scored by Park in today's game was superbly well crafted. But in case that penalty had not been given earlier in the game things could have gone in a different direction. Such repeated "lucky" wins brings doubts in our mind as to whether United are really a good team or just a "VERY LUCKY TEAM". The other title rivals of United are not so "lucky". Arsenal, on Saturday night was again the victim of lousy refereeing which saw Vermaelen sent off. Chelsea are proven to be not "referee favourites" in EPL or the Champions League.

Manchester United fans may opine that they are not only a "lucky" team but also a good team. But that will not change the truth that Manchester United are one hell of a "lucky" team. After today's match maybe next time on Fergie will not be whining about other teams being "lucky".

Although it is expected that he will.