My Town Rocks: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Justin GoarSenior Writer IJuly 10, 2008

My town is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


My town is a college town in a capital city located on the Mississippi River.


My town is hot in June, sweltering in July, and three shades of hell in August.


My town is Southern hospitality delivered by great people.


My town has food so good you’ll need a cardiologist on speed dial.


My town isn’t too big and isn’t too small, and has lots and lots of traffic.  Traffic is where our children learn curse words.


My town isn’t perfect, but whose is?


My town knows how to party—we keep breweries and distilleries in the black.


My town gets offended if you didn’t get enough to eat or didn’t have a good time when visiting.


My town came together after Hurricane Katrina and became a safe haven for people to the east of us.


My town came together after Hurricane Rita and became a safe haven for people to the west of us.


My town has thousands of beautiful women with light Southern accents that know their football and can drink you under the table.


My town sounds like a gumbo of Cajun accents, N’awlins accents, Southern accents, and everywhere in between.


My town loves to laugh, loves to make you laugh, and appreciates a good joke.


My town likes the Hornets, loves the Saints, and bleeds Tiger-striped purple and gold.


My town is LSU and Southern University, home to the two greatest marching bands in the world.


My town is home to Death Valley, which becomes the state’s sixth-largest city during a home game and produced 129.8 decibels of sound during the Florida game in 2007.


My town is the tailgating capital of the world.


My town leads the nation in college baseball attendance…again.


My town is home to the Maravich Assembly Center, which used to be known as “Deaf Dome”…and hopefully will again someday soon.


My town is Billy Cannon’s Halloween run, the Earthquake game, and the Chinese Bandits.


My town is stately oaks, broad magnolias, and Mike the Tiger.


My town is College Drive, Tiger Land, and the Capitol Building.


My town is Highland Road, Golden Girls, and The Chimes.


My town is crawfish boils, fish frys, and cochon de laits.


My town is proud of our native sons and daughters who go on to great things.


My town isn’t appreciated fully until you live somewhere else.


My town would like to meet you for the first time.


My town would love to welcome you back someday.


My town is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


My town rocks!