Naming a New Team

greg pitschSenior Analyst IJuly 10, 2008

With the move of A Western Pacific Basketball team inevitable, there are many things left to determine.  Such things as Naming rights to the stadium in which they will play, What the mascot will be, but even more, the name of the team.

In a recent article that I read on Yahoo! some names that readers were voting on were the Oklahoma City Aviators, Bandits, Thundercats, and even a crazy idea like an exclamation point.

This got me thinking about some of the best and worst names a team could have.  Hopefully the team that is in Oklahoma City will be a good name, because how many people would die laughing if they were called something like, "Underdogs" or better yet, "Misfits."

Here is my list of some good names and some horrible team names.


1. OKC Challangers

2. OKC Cyclones

3. OKC Cowboys

4. OKC Coyotes

5. OKC Rebels

6. OKC Riders

7. OKC Raiders

8. OKC Indians

9. OKC Chiefs

10. OKC Sentinels


Now the 10 worst names they could choose:

1. OKC Combat

2. OKC !

3. OKC Teamsters

4. OKC Bull Dogs

5. OKC Mischief (or any other non-plural team name)

6. OKC Thiefs

7. OKC Bandits

8. OKC Tryouts

9. OKC Cardinals

10. OKC Ruins


And there you have it... I hope it is either a good name, or something hilarious, so everytime I hear it I crack up.  Nothing will be funnier than their pink uniforms they strut out in..