Cornell: Hoops and Hockey Champs

Pat O'SheaContributor IMarch 20, 2010

Has any college team ever won the NCAA Basketball and Hockey Championships in the same year? 

Has any college ever been to the Final Four in both these sports during the same season?

Go Big Red!  The Bears (Cornell) have a much better hockey team than Kansas, Kentucky, Duke or Syracuse (they should have a better team being that close to Canada and being the snow capital of Eastern cities). 

Anyhow—the Cornelians got a tough draw in basketball.  In the South or West, it would be a cake walk to Indianapolis.  

But, Temple is a tough draw.  If the Heathens on the Hill can edge Harry Potter's Owls, they'll beat the confused Badgers who have the same colors—only an uglier red. 

This leaves the Wildcats.  Easy prey for the senior laden Ithaca team, as those two No. 1 freshmen NBA draft choices are emotional babies who will lose their cool. 

Onto West Virginia—mountain Momma take me home.   Huggins will do something stupid to lose this game—how about two technicals?  

Next are the overrated Duke Devils.  Close game, but Singler fouls out with 3:33 left.  

This leaves Kansas, who were lucky to beat the Ivy Leaguers at home with 15,000 screaming Dorothys & Totos.  Bigger upset than UPSET-beatin' Man-O-War, Milan-winnin', Indiana championship, Brooklyn Dodgers, Red Sox, U.S over Canada. 

Speakin' of hockey, forget the brackets (most of you don't follow college hockey).  The Big Red hockey team (with 19 Canadians) will beat North Dakota (none of you have been to Fargo—just saw the movie), 4-3, in two overtimes.

There will be a huge parade thorough Ithaca and NYC for the Cornell hockey and basketball teams, as they did not rely on the BCS (Kansas plays Kentucky) and won real championships the American way—beating other teams like we're taught from Tee Ball on up.  Why, they'll paint the stripe up Fifth Avenue red, and the restaurants and bars in Ithaca will stay open after 8:45 p.m.—you just wait Dorothy!