I know how retired NFL players feel

Paul KasprzakContributor IMarch 19, 2010

Many former National Football League players that retired before 1993 are struggling to make end meet.

Unfortunately, I know exactly how what they are going through.

Back in eighth grade I suffered a back injury to my back that result in several bulging disks.

For many years doctors for whatever reason over looked them even though I kept complaining about it and as a result of this I have developed arthritis.

It has gotten so bad that I have to take hydrocodone to deal with the pain and are unable to work a job that involves long periods of standing.

Many retired players are going through the same thing as their injuries from playing have deteriorated to the point they cannot even work anymore.

Its not like they don’t want to work its more of the fact they just can’t.

I myself had a job until recently as my employer forced me to quit as the manager took me off my route and wanted me to make two round trips to their base in Gowanda, NY on three days that I was available.

The reason I was available only three days is due to school.

Now, I am without a job and most likely will not be able to find one considering my disability.

On top of that I also suffer from depression from numerous minor concussions.

Even with medication for that there are still days that thoughts of killing myself creep into my head as it is just so depressing when you sit there on the floor trying to play with your kids and enjoy them being just so innocent and full of life, but you can’t due to the amount of pain,

I know there are people out there that don’t understand and whatever you say they call you a retard or a moron, but to those who do care the people that we need to rally around are the retired players that gave up their body to play the game they love and built the National Football League into what it is today.

Former WGR 550 host The Coach Chuck Dickerson showed the power and influence Buffalo has when we came together and convinced Jim Rome to make a Tour Stop here in Buffalo, which of course turned out to be one of the best of all time.

So I ask you of to take five minutes and make your voice heard to National Football League Player Association executive director Demaurice Smith by emailing him at nflpaexecutivedept@nflplayers.com

In the end, after the stunt that they tried pulling last Sunday the retired players need our help more than ever.

Good night and good luck.