TNA: Impact React Volume 10

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2010

Welcome welcome one and all to the tenth edition of TNA "Impact React". It's your weekly source for all the news and rumors in the world of TNA.

It was an oddly light week for news considering we're heading into Destination X tomorrow night. However we did get a few tidbits so let's hope right into it.


Hardy's Legal Issues Pushed Back

Jeff Hardy appeared in court earlier this week in regards to his drug charges. However Hardy's legal team requested that the hearing be moved and the judge accepted. Hardy will be back in court on May 10.

If found guilty, obviously TNA would have to drop Hardy from its roster. This could mean Hardy would simply be jobbed out to elevate other talent. Hardy does face serious jail time so these weeks in TNA may be the last of his wrestling career for some time.


Flair's Bleeding Too Much

Ric Flair, who's new gimmick in TNA seems to be the fact that he can bleed a substantial amount at the drop of the hat got in a bit of trouble by TNA. Flair threw some of his blood on the crowd at the iMPACT Zone during iMPACT last week. This was edited out of the broadcast.

It's said that if it was anyone besides Flair or someone in a similar position, they could be in some serious hot water. Flair has never been one to tone things down but perhaps even Flair can go too far at times.


Kong Finally Gone

Amazing Kong is finally done with TNA. Her profile has been removed from TNA's website. Kong has had a lot of issues with TNA over the past month or so. I've discussed them in previous editions so if you want to read up, check them out.

Kong wanted a 15 percent raise to stay with the company or her flat-out release. Obviously TNA went with the latter. She joins a growing group of women to be released from TNA lately. The knockouts division is certainly shrinking by the week.


Replay Gets Big Numbers

TNA decided to run a replay of this week's iMPACT on Thursday night after previously stating it would not. The replay did the same rating as Monday's iMPACT .

My guess is that either people would rather watch RAW on Monday and then iMPACT on Thursday so they don't miss an episode, or a lot of people watch the show twice.

If it really is fans split between the two that may mean TNA actually has a pretty sizable audience interested in watching it's product.

If RAW was not on that could mean a near 2.0 rating for TNA. Of course this may not be the case at all and TNA's ratings are dropping due to content and not competition.


Destination X Preview

With all the news covered for this week (I know there wasn't much), I'm going to take a look at the card for tomorrow's Destination X PPV and give my thoughts.

At the top of the card we have AJ Styles against Abyss for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. If TNA gives these two the right amount of time we could have a very good match on our hands.

Abyss has always been good when working with wrestlers smaller than him and AJ has been pretty good in the ring as of late.

Of course if TNA throws in lots of outside interference from Flair and Hogan the match quality might start to slip away.

I imagine that's the plan here but if they do want to do this, I hope they don't crowd the end of the match and give the fans some BS finish to go home with.

If you plunk down money for a PPV you don't want to feel like you got ripped off by a main event with a non-finish.

Originally this PPV was supposed to be an all X-Division show but instead it's been reduced to three X-Division matches.

The title is on the line as Doug Williams defends against someone who didn't earn a shot in Shannon Moore. I don't think anyone is really excited that it's Moore in this spot, but these two could pull off a decent match.

I except Moore to take the belt, as Williams really isn't cut out for the X-Division. Even though TNA won't admit it's pretty much a Jr. Heavyweight division, it really is.

We've got a ladder match and an Ultimate X on the card with Kazarian, Daniels, Amazing Red, and Brian Kendrick in the former and the Motor City Machine Guns against Generation Me in the latter.

Both could provide us with some crazy action and I expect these two to really sell the show if you want lots of death-defying spots going off constantly. The Machine Guns and Generation Me work well together so expect something special from them.

The tag belts are on the line as Matt Morgan and Hernandez defend against Beer Money. I guess Beer Money are heels now, so it might be best to put the belts on them.

Morgan and Hernandez need to be split up, because Morgan is too valuable to be wasting away in a meaningless tag team.

Tara will defend her belt against Daffney in what should be a solid match. Both ladies can wrestle but I bet they won't have much time out there.

Daffney is quite under utilized in TNA as she can be a leading heel for them if they pull the trigger. With the belt being hotshotted a lot lately, I expect Tara to retain as champion.

Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle lock up this weekend as well. I haven't seen much of their feud but from what I have seen I think Angle is made about Anderson doing something to dog tags. I really have no idea what the deal is here.

Angle might be able to get a good match out of Anderson but he hasn't been working too hard since joining TNA. I'm sure this will get a lot more time than it should so expect a mediocre match here.

Finally we have Eric Young and Kevin Nash against Scott Hall and Syxx Pac. Expect this to be the worst match of the night.

As big of a Nash fan as I am, this features two guys who are way past their prime and one in Hall who is off in another world half the time. Make a sandwich and go to the bathroom during this one.


That's it for this week's Impact React. Light on the news but things will be picking up soon as TNA is very much focused on Lockdown .

Come back next week for more news and rumors and as always leave a comment below with your thoughts. Have a great week, everyone.