Are Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Crap Merchants?

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2010

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13:  John Mitchell #39 of the Toronto Maple Leafs skates in a game against the Edmonton Oilers on March 13, 2010 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The Leafs defeated the Oilers 6-4. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Looking at the track record of the current board of directors of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment it's not too hard to draw some pretty obvious conclusions.

They undoubtedly are really intelligent investors and movers and shakers. A quick look at their lineup of three major league teams is proof of their commitment to investing in sports franchises.

However, that is where the romanticism of the their intent appears to end. Just look at  what they have achieved over the last half decade or even more. How many championships have they seemed poised to have even a remote shot at winning...uh...let me think...NONE!

Seems to me that however savvy they are at investing, that savvy is not paralleled in any way in regards to quality of product. How many times have we seen "has-beens" or "cast aways" or "damaged goods" being pawned as the next saviour on their teams.

Being a fan of any of their three teams is like being the proud owner of a Rolex knock off. The salesman does a fantastic job of selling you on the fact that it's pretty much the same as the original.

Then once you get home you find out the thing has caused some sort of irritating itchy rash on your wrist and you realize the thing isn't even worth the thirty bucks you paid for it. So the watch sits on your dresser as a constant reminder of how you were duped into buying the piece of crap in the first place.

Of course the only difference between the Rolex and an MLSE franchise is that there are many other watches for Torontonians to buy, this is not the case with sports franchises. Also the most glaring difference is that Toronto fans are paying ROLEX prices but getting the knock off.

Imagine what life would be like for the premium hamburger lover be if McDonalds owned every single burger joint in the world. Well if you can envision that scenario, welcome to the world of Toronto sports fans. Yes it's true , the Blue Jays do roost in the city, but they have been nothing but summer chokers for the past 10 seasons.

So what is a fan to do?

Well all I have to say is, thank god this is was an Olympic year. But to be honest, now that the Olympics are over, it only enhances the stench emanating in the world of Toronto Sports.

Why on earth would Toronto be so eager to hire a general manager who had just gone from winning the Stanley Cup to not even making the playoffs? That's like hiring a person who went from building a financial empire to ending up owning a couple of Subway franchises. Not really the track record you wanna see when rebuilding a franchise with a spotty winning tradition in the last 40+ years.

Seems to me that all the brass do at MLSE is do a great job making it look like they are doing the right thing, while meanwhile it appears they are clueless when it comes to taking any sort of a bold step in a truly new direction.

Not to slag the current Leaf roster, but if you read the Leaf lineup that exists today to someone who is a fan of another NHL team, you'd sure to hear a "who the heck is...?"

Let's take a look at the Tomas Kaberle situation. On the surface Kaberle looks like a great find (how many years ago?), but if you look at how the Leafs power-play has done on average since he arrived, it has been pitiful. Yet he's still around and losing value ever day.

Yes the young Leafsters are doing pretty well finishing up this season, but you can chalk most of that up to the fact that the other teams are still learning who the heck half of these guys are and what they are capable of. I bet you, once they do catch on, it's gonna be a long season for whatever g-man they (the Leafs) shove between the pipes.

Until MLSE starts giving a rats butt about quality of product, their product line will continue to resemble the swag sold by street vendors.

I haven't written hardly anything this year, quite frankly because I have been so uninspired by any of the Toronto teams.

I honestly hope that Toronto sports fans invest their hard earned cash buying something that actually afford them a decent shot at bringing them some joy and satisfaction, like an Olympic sweater for their kid or something, rather than something that symbolizes greed and failure.

I can just envision some MLSE staffer reading this and saying "yeah buddy wait till next year!".

Perhaps I should write a new Leafs theme song called "Wait Till Next Year!" Wouldn't that be a wonderfully fitting anthem for this disgraced franchise?

Time to go grab my guitar and get to work, sadistic irony beckons me.