Dana White Is No Good at His Profession, He Is Just "Great" at His Job.

jason hughesCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2010

   After the latest interview that I   had the chance to listen to from Strikeforce's main brain Mr. Scott Coker I am now 100 percent without a doubt convinced that Dana White could not run a business outside of one that he owns a little of, with the help of some very high dollar friends.

    My estimate has it like this, if White were in command of America's birth control factories and distribution, the general population would increase at least 85 percent, making us Americans walking around destitute cities right along side cattle and other things I won't mention,  pools of feces , just in case people are enjoying a snack as they are pedaling through this .

   Scott Coker impressed me so much in his mannerisms and his control with the reporter that i remembered that there were actually other MMA organizations with no intentions of going under and that are in capable hands, which is very refreshing to me.

   When asked if he was concerned that the last two guys from Dream FC were brought over and made to be fools by the hands of his guy's at SF, Coker did not go on a rant about how much better his company was than Dream but went on to explain that he thought that this was the main reason that they let Shinya Aoki come over and fight Gilbert Melendez, because the owner of Dream wanted to send one of the upper tier fighters in the organization.

     Not only has Scott Coker broke the Dream barrier that Dana White could probably never do without anything short of an overall buyout, Coker got Japanese to sanction the fight for the first time ever, now this may not sound big to many people, but believe me when someone can get guy's from Japan's organization's to fight in sanctioned title fights , it is a HUGE deal.

   Scott Coker also went on to say that when working with the Japanese , and really probably any other countries fighters  that you are dealing with, it is more of a cultural difference than   treating it as a pure business deal. He did not word it exactly that way but that was his general view of the situation.

    Coker has also said that the reason Fedor's next fight was being pushed back a little was the fact that M1 had some renegotiating that they wanted .And Coker being the true professional that he is explained that do to the fact that there were holes in both sides of the fight , they renegotiated and Fedor will be fighting sometime in June or July.

    Now I am not here to give stale news so here we go, could Dana White pull these kind of things, never. Will 60 people read this and say that he doesn't have to because he runs the UFC, if I get lucky and ten thousand people read this than it would but that would only make ten thousand people mad when I call them out on their lack of knowledge about how a C.E.O  of a major business is suppose to act in public.

   When I here Scott Coker talk it actually reminds me of somebody who has been to college and took buisness model 101.

    During the interview which you can find on you tube with a little effort, you will find how Coker is everything Dana is not, first off, Scott is cool under pressure, no he doesn't fly off the handle at any question that he has trouble accepting as a valid issue, and he keeps the focus on what is important , the fights and how he can make them YES how he can make em meaning he does all the dirty work in Strikeforce.

     This explains why that the "mom and pop" fighting organization known as Stikeforce went from being an exclusively Northern California operation to a nationwide cage that fits plenty of room for all fighters from all walks of life and all country's.

    Maybe Strikeforce will have to make more sides to it's cage cause Coker apparently has this co-promotion thing down, something Dana could never do even if he ever admitted that he has tried, and he will never admit to failure.