The Conference Expansion Conspiracy

Larry KalmusCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2010

Even though off-season conference expansion talk is like "Gravy for the brain" for the sophisticated collegiate enthusiast, it can also be quite hazardous.  The Big Ten was the first to throw its rather enticing hat into the ring taking bids and calling them out loud.  Many schools have all had to think recently, "Could I be in the Big Ten? Should I? Shouldn't I?" But alas they aren't the only ones thinking of expanding, no no, the Pacific 10 has decided to join in too.......what a coincidence.  What does this mean?  Could it be a highly advanced tactic that only I have discovered by spending far too many hours while on the job calculating the who/what/where/when/why/and how.  Now I shall began my thesis which should ultimately blow your mind (just like Chris Angel but not as douchey...or is it spelled douchy....douché?  Whatever you get what I'm saying).

The Big Ten wants a conference game and to expand its TV area to increase revenue, the Pac 10 also wants these things plus they must keep up with their sister conference in the Midwest.  Sounds simple and clear cut until you hear the unofficial potential candidates for the Big Ten are Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Texas A&M.  Then the Pac 10's early candidates seem to be Utah, BYU, Colorado, Texas and A&M.  With the exception of Notre Dame which would only effect Big East basketball for the most part the rest of the candidates for both schools could send a gigantic ripple effect through the world of college football as we know it.

TV may have started this but the BCS bowls may be what finishes it.  We now have 5 BSC bowls that give huge payout to 10 schools.  In a normal year the Big 6 conference all get a BCS bid plus one mid major which leaves 3 at large spots who have (or would have since the 5th bowl is newer) traditionally gone to the SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12.  Anyone see what I see.....?  The SEC and ACC seem to be safe from these talks but not the Big 12, Big East, and Mountain West.  The Pac 10 would LOVE to stop the MWC from receiving an automatic bid to a BCS game by taking Utah/BYU.  This would stop the MWC from competing against the Pac10 in recruiting, time zone, and television area.  This also frees up the potential at large bid that the Mountain West Conference could be receiving in the near future.  The same philosophy goes for the Big East too, since they are in danger of losing their automatic qualification especially if the Big Ten took Pitt, Syracuse, and Rutgers.  The loss of the Big East's AQ and the prevention of the MWC's potential AQ would add an extra at large spots which would virtually secure the Big Ten, Pac 10, Big12 and SEC in two BCS bowls with the ACC and a mid-major for years to come.

And now for the kicker, the Big Ten is courting at Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska meanwhile across the continent the Pac 10 is try to persuade Colorado, Texas, and Texas A&M.  This would end the Big 12 leaving only Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa St, Kansas St, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St.  The Oklahoma schools would bolt for the SEC who would gladly take them.  That little conference two step just freed up the 2 possible bids the Big 12 would usually take and squaring secure the Pac 10, Big Ten, and consequently the SEC as the Powerhouse conferences placing them in 6 of the 10 BCS bowls along with the ACC, Big East, MWC(since they would get an AQ by adding Texas Tech, Kansas St, Baylor, and Boise St) and a mid-major (MAC, WAC, CUSA, or Sunbelt).

How unbelievably ingenious are these guys?  That would transform the BCS as we know it and create 3 classes of conferences the Big 3 the Medium 3 and the Tiny 4.  I know that this year doesn't prove my point being that the top 10 made it into the BCS....for once, but seriously this could happen and I got my tin foil hat ready in case it does.  Now, before all the comments start rolling in about what a crazy guy I am, I am just speculating, but if you don't hear from me in a few days please tell my wife I loved her.  What's that!  I think I hear the Big Ten at my door...Jim Delany...NOOO!!!!