LeBron James; Cleveland's Rose

james lawrenceCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

First off let me start by stating I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

For the last two weeks I have had to listen to tons of my friends talk about LeBron leaving Cleveland.

We all know that is false.

LeBron is the face of the Cavaliers franchise; there is no way the Cavaliers would ever let him go. If you take away James the Cavaliers will fall into a recession like they did in the '90s before they had LeBron.

There are too many reasons LeBron will stay in Cleveland and stay our little bit of hope. He single-handedly saved Cleveland sports from falling off the map.

OK, let me take you through the reasons LeBron will remain in Cleveland for many years to come.

1.) The Image—LeBron is the most well known athlete in Cleveland since Jim Brown. If LeBron is no longer in the champagne and wine fans will leave the seats, and there will be no more "witnesses." He is the face of the franchise and sales will fall; he is a cash cow along with an amazing basketball player.

2.) Family—Nothing is more important to LeBron then his family. He is not going to transfer his son to one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, especially Brooklyn. Another part is his mother who raised him in Akron and wanted nothing more then for her son to play for Cleveland. I cannot see LeBron leaving his mother behind along with the rest of his family to go play in the murder capital.

3.) Fear—The mass amounts of pressure that would be on him to establish a brand new franchise would be too much to handle. For example, take the Charlotte Bobcats. They have done nothing so far and they even have the expertise of Michael Jordan on their side. There is no way that LeBron would have any kind of career in a Brooklyn uniform.

4.) The money and options—The Cavaliers will offer him the max offer they can which will be more then Arenas. He will get more in guaranteed money along with bonuses. Also, the Cavaliers are not stupid; they know LeBron wants a ring, and to get one he needs counter parts which will help him. The Cavs are good they just lack another star with James to produce a championship.

Don't expect LeBron to go anywhere after 2010. He is a Clevelander and will remain one.