Why "The Truth" About Brandon Vera Will Be Revealed vs. Jon Jones at UFC LIVE

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2010

Once one of the hottest prospects in the world of MMA, Brandon “The Truth” Vera has never quite been able to reach his full potential and become the fighter that many thought we would.

On Sunday night Vera will take on MMA’s new hottest prospect Jon “Bones” Jones and while many see the outcome as a foregone conclusion in favor of the youngster, I have this inkling that “The Truth” will show his true championship potential.

While I may be in the vast minority here, this version of Creature vs. Creature will layout how and why Brandon Vera will defeat Jon Jones.

First off, Jon Jones is an amazing fighter and under the tutelage of Greg Jackson the sky is the limit for him. Between his dynamic striking attack, unbelievable wrestling ability, and natural athleticism, defeating Jon Jones is a tall order for anyone—and truly, no one has beaten him yet.

For all the greatness that is clearly evident in Jones, he is still a developing fighter with holes in his game and questions that need to be answered.

What Vera needs to do here is very simple: be aggressive but don’t take unnecessary risks, utilize combinations, and stay away from the Greco clinch.

Jones is simply a monster when he is able to get his hands on his opponents. Against Matt Hamill—an elite level international wrestler—Jones was able to throw him around like a rag doll. While Vera’s wrestling game is vastly underrated, the No. 1 key to success is stay out of the clinch.

Vera must maintain distance and force Jones to fight where he is the best.

One of the biggest flaws that I have seen in Jones thus far is in his striking. Not the striking itself but his defenses while striking. Jones has yet to fight a high caliber striker, like Vera, who has the ability to capitalize on those openings.

Vera needs to stay patient on his feet and wait for these opportunities to arise. When they do, he needs to explode with solid combinations. The one good shot and play defense tactic Vera employed in his last fight against Randy Couture did not work then and would be downright deadly if used against Jones.

Also, Vera must create opportunities in the striking game. While waiting for the fight to come to you is a safe play, to beat someone as active as Jones will require Vera to go on the offensive to curry favor with the judges.

The biggest advantage Vera has coming into this fight is his technical striking ability. While he didn’t show it against Couture, Vera has a brutal arsenal of strikes and he is one of the best Muay Thai practitioners in the game today.

His technical prowess paired with some calculated risks and effective combinations will be Vera’s recipe for disaster.

My good friend and colleague E. Spencer Kyte has a different view of how this matchup will shake out, so for his take click here.