WWE's Most Overrated Wrestlers

FlyjinCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

There has been a lot of talk about who the "overrated wrestlers" are. One name that seems obviously related to this discussion is John Cena.

Now in all honesty I don't believe that he is overrated. Maybe he's been a little too hyped, but not so much that he deserves all the hatred he's garnered. (I mean, did anyone even see what those people did to his MySpace?). It's actually quite ridiculous how these people despise a man who gives his all for his fans.

But enough about that. This isn't an article about him. This is about the people who deserve to be categorized as "overrated." My list goes as follows (in no particular order—they all are overrated just the same):


Matt Hardy

"OHHHHH YEA!!!!" The song hits and the fans jump to their feet. But why? What has he done that means he should be considered a top contender on the WWE?

Now I know I'm going to get heat on this one, though I have met a few people who agree with me on this. He really has not showed...well...anything. In my opinion he's basically done nothing but ride the coat tails of his younger brother Jeff.

While they were known as "Team Xtreme," Jeff was really the only one to do the amazingly off the wall type things that would draw people's attention to this dynamic duo.

So what happened when Jeff left the WWE? Matt fell. I mean, really the highlight of his career after that was when Edge took Lita off his hands. Is that the reason why everyone loves him? Because he was screwed by a friend and his girl?

I don't know, but in my opinion he's not worth all the hype that surrounds him. Maybe one of ya'll could change my mind. But I don't really see that happening.


C.M. Punk

Now this snazzy straight-edge newcomer comes along and receives a push so huge even John Cena would be taken aback. It seemed overnight that he appeared on ECW and became their champ. Now he's the head of Raw holding the World Heavyweight Championship?

Ok, let's go through the reasons as to why he shouldn't be there.

1. His body: Not very built, not very attractive—I suppose only to some. But seriously, can you see someone his size defeating the likes of HHH, Batista, or even Cena?

2. His in ring ability: Now if you guys think John is incredibly short on his move list, you have to watch this guy in action. He really has about six attack moves. He hits you from the top rope, throws you to the turnbuckle, knees you in the face, bulldogs you, maybe even gives you a couple of kicks, then finishes you.

I can't honestly say I've seen him do much more. Probably the most amazing thing I ever saw him do was lift Snitsky up. Next!



I guess this one is pretty much a given. This "Samoa Joe" rip off has shown nothing as to why he should be considered great.

Okay, hold on, back up, sorry. No, he's not considered "great" by the fans, but he is hyped by the WWE staff themselves.

Yes he's large, but no one is so big that he can take full on assaults by HHH or Batista and continue to stand as if he were hit by nothing. I mean, when he first started all he did was fight nothing but tiny jobbers who, in my opinion, I could've beaten.

Then they make Ric Flair lay down to this guy multiple times. Then he was dubbed as "the undefeated Samoan bulldozer." Then Mr. McMahon used him to level DX on separate occasions.

I mean, I don't think I've seen anyone manhandle Hunter quite like he did. It was very disappointing. Since then he's been defeated on multiple occasions, but he still basically seems indestructible throughout most of his matches.

This guy seriously needs to go back to being Jamal, maybe bring back Rosey, and restart Three-Minute Warning. Yea, that would be MUCH better.


Paul Burchill

Now I'm not going to waste any more of my time writing about this guy than I need to. Seriously, I can't stand him.

The stupid curb-stomp move that he picked up does nothing more than piss me off every time I watch him do it. When he would blindside Mr. Kennedy it was nothing more than aggravating. In my opinion Mr. Kennedy is in dire need of a push, but that's for another article.

The only good thing about this guy is his sister, even though they have some kind of weird incest-type thing going on. Maybe he should just be a pirate...oh wait...he was already.


Mark Henry

Oh my goodness, are you serious? No, he is not the world's strongest man. Anyone who reads up on him knows he placed 10th. Maybe he should call himself the 10th strongest man.

This guy has simply ruined an already horrible ECW by becoming their champ. Yes, I can see why he won, because it needed the championship back, but they should've chosen someone else to do it.

Did anyone see the match? It was like the world's fattest frog splashed its way into the championship. No more...I can take no more.


Now, for the worst of all.



Now come on. This has to be the worst thing that the WWE has ever done.

I don't have anything against midgets, don't get me wrong. Just this one. He has some moves (I guess...did anyone see Night of Champions?), but seriously if a tiny 100 pound dude were to come and try to huracanrana me I think I would grab him and toss him halfway into the crowd.

And his ridiculous finisher...? What a disgrace to the Frog Splash that many greats such as RVD and EG have used.

Seriously, if someone that size were to jump on you, do you think it would be enough to hold you down for the count? I think my girlfriend could do more damage.


Anyway, that's enough for me on this issue for today. I know there are a few more that I have missed, but I'll leave that up to ya'll to add to this list of horribly overrated wrestlers.


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