Doing What They Do Best. Rangers Lay Down For The Blues In 4-3 Loss!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 18: David Backes #42 of the St. Louis Blues jumps over the diving challenge of Michal Rozsival #33 of the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden on March 18, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images


Some teams/players have it and some players/teams do not. The New York Rangers are one of those teams that do not have it. No heart ,no talent, no coaching, no determination , no drive and most important no wins as of late.

The Rangers faced the Blues tonight In a must win situation. As of right now the Rangers are not in the playoffs if the season ended tomorrow. so every game is a must win.

As I thought would happen, the Rangers lost tonight and now instead of just worrying about Boston, now the Rangers are tied with Atlanta and Atlanta has one game in hand and Tampa Bay is right behind both teams and who also has one game in hand over the Rangers. Every point matters at this point in time for the Rangers and they are not playing the way they should be.

Lets forget the coaching mistakes in this game. You know the way how Tortorella does not see who is making an impact in the game and who isn’t. Sean Avery has been on a hot streak in the last two games and in this game tonight Avery grew two penalties with three shots on goal. He was all over the ice and instead of riding on Avery’s drive Tort only plays him for 13minutes. Drury was invisible during this game but yet not only was Drury placed on the first line but he played over 20 minutes.

Never mind Tortorella has Enver Lisin as a healthy Scratch. I guess leaving out the speedy, talented forward makes sense. Lisin does nothing but add offense and every time he is on the ice creates chances. Yeah its pretty smart for Tortorella to sit him out or have him ride the bench.

But we are not going to ride Tortorella, after all he never came out and said he was a great coach! We just expected great changes to this team. The blame rides on the players in this game. The Rangers had a five on three power play goal and had not one shot on goal during that period. This is just not acceptable. The Rangers were not aggressive in the neutral zone at all. In the past they have been very effective and cause a lot of turn over’s playing the neutral zone trap. The fore checking and back checking was non existent at both ends of the ice. The Rangers did not play like a team that was fighting for a playoff spot and hey, maybe it is better off this way. They will just get humiliated in the playoffs and to see them play 4 extra games really isn’t worth it.

The Blues were more aggressive in this game and they showed up to play. The Blues are in tenth place with 75 points, Five points behind the 8th place Detroit Red Wings.

I guess it is time for us all to just be real and think logically. Forget your love for a player and or your hate for one. Time is here to look at the off season and what is needed to change this team around for next year. here is a quick list of things I think needs to be done.

John Tortorella

Needs to go. I am not an expert, but It is not hard to see that this clown has no idea what he is doing. He won a Stanley cup a long time ago with a totally different team. His strategy will just never work. It goes deeper then just that. He is so convinced that running two lines is the way to go, that it has become a major issue. Playing guys for only 3 minutes a game is just ridiculous. Maybe they are not that good, maybe they are not these huge goal scorers and never will be. But they can still be coached to become a huge factor for this team. Weather it is to shut down first lines or work the pk and allow the first lines to get the rest they should be getting. It also allows you to experiment with young players to see if they have what it takes. With Tortorella as coach the youth of this team will not get a fair chance and this is just as important to this club as anything else.

Tortorella benches Redden and brings up Ilkka Hiekkinen who never plays . This is a player that came to New York with some hype as an offensive defenseman. This was also at a point where the Rangers where not winning no matter what they did. Really Tort had nothing to lose by playing Ilkka and seeing what he has. Now it is said the defenseman will not resign next year with the Blue shirts. So we lose a player that might have become a possative player for this team. Maybe he wouldn’t have, but the point is, now we will never know and for what reason? Never mind Tortorella actual thinks Rozsival is a good defenseman. Need we say more of why Tort needs to go.

Wade Redden

Needs to go. He scored his second goal of the year tonight. Well it took him 58 games to score his second. Here is a guy that was brought in to play the power play and be a huge difference for this team. He plays the power play but this bum has 14 points for the year, he is not a good defenseman. The biggest problem is finding a way to get rid of him.

Michal Rozsival

He needs to go as well. All though he has been playing better as of late. It does not make a difference. His puck controlling is the worst, he has 3 goals with 16 assists and he plays 20 plus minutes a game. He has been a bum his whole career and has been the cuase of more Ranger losses then any one.

Brandon Dubinsky

I know you all love him. He plays hard. Well who cares how hard he plays. Brandon has played with Jagr, Shanahan, Zherdev, Gomez, drury, and now Gabby.Throw in a Prospal and now a Jokinin,  Who else do we need to get for this guy to have a break out year. He is predictable, he will not be what the Rangers expected him to turn into. good by Dubs!

Chris Drury

If not for his salary Drury is a keeper. Over all he plays great defensively, he does pose a threat offensively although his stats do not show that. He rarely makes mistakes and he is a solid player all around. But he came with a huge contract that I do not see any team wanting to take on with his numbers being as bad as they are. but Sather needs to find a way to dump him!

Aaron Voros who when plays does his job. But if you are not going to play him then you might as well free up the space and the cap and trade him.

Dan Girardi

Girardi’s defensive skills have diminished to nothing. His offense is nil, and over all he serves no purpose any more. Last year his defensive skills rose, he made his presence on the ice know with checks and blocked shots. So what happen this year?

That is a start for this team. We can go into Prospol and Staal but really that is another conversation. The Rangers need work, and need to rebuild. This team is not just missing one player or two. They are missing half the team and being as Tortorella relies mostly on the top two and rarely plays the third and fourth line, those players will not improve their play. Even if they did, it would not be seen cause they ride the bench.

Another disappointing season for these guys and us fans, And it all starts with the management and works it way down to the players. Maybe next year things will be different. How many times have we said that?