NASCAR: Who to Watch For in the Windy City

Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

Sorry about the absence last week, but Daytona is such a crapshoot you can never have good picks there anyways...not to mention my picks at New Hampshire went by the wayside due the rain and I felt defeated, but anyways Chicagoland is a new track and a new race!  So here we go!

Whenever picking a who to look for for a race you usually don't have to look too far back in the past to predict the future. 

There are two major factors to look for this weekend.  They are not particular drivers, but instead two teams that should dominate: Roush and Gibbs.  In fact, I would be surprised if anyone leads a lap besides a driver from one of these two teams. 

My favorite for this weekend has to be Tony Stewart.  Despite the rumors and and being sick at Daytona, Stewart is on a role.  He has been a threat to win in the past three races he's run all the laps in and he won here last year which really turned his season in the right direction. 

He will be fast and so will his teammate and last week's winner, Kyle Busch.  Yes, that's right, expect Busch to be fast here too.  

The other team that seems to dominate these cookie cutter tracks is the Roush brigade.  Expect Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, and of course Carl Edwards to be quick this weekend, if not to run away with the show.  They always run well at these tracks and last year Kenseth finished second.

Avoid Kasey Kahne because he smells funny at Chicago. 

Also watch for Jimmy Johnson, Kevin Harvick, and Jeff Gordon to be fast. 

You might say this is all fine and dandy, Brett, but who are YOU actually going to pick for this weekend, since you obviously give us like eight guys to watch for and you can't pick just one?

Well this weekend my number is the 17 car. 

I think Kenseth is better than last year here, and he will give Stewart and Busch a run for their money.  Although if you want a really safe top-five pick, take Smoke because he's finished in the top five in all but one of the last six races. 

Kenseth is my pick to put money on before they take any laps, but that might change after practice and qualifying. 

If there is anyone I left out please let me know! I love hearing others' input on who they think is going to be fast and why. Thanks.