Charlie Whitehurst: San Diego Fans Are Laughing at the Seattle Seahawks

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 19, 2010

Charlie Whitehurst was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the third round of the 2006 Draft.

He is a promising quarterback who has the skill set and arm to play in the NFL.

This is what had scouted on him before he was drafted.

Positives: Nice-sized athletic passer with an inconsistent game. Displays a sense of timing, sets up with proper fundamentals and quickly releases the ball. Tough, stands in against the rush and is patient when given time. Throws with an over-the-top delivery and has an NFL arm. Zips the outs and flashes ability to hit receivers as they leave their breaks.

Negatives: Indecisive, not poised under pressure and makes poor decisions. Falls out of throws and tends to direct passes. Forces the action as the pocket collapses around him.

Possessing the physical skills to play at the next level, Whitehurst has yet to display the consistent decision-making required of an NFL starter. Practice-squad passer best served spending a season or two in Europe.

So I guess Whitehurst is horrible at decision making and forces throws. We already have a quarterback that forces throws. His name is Matt Hasslebeck, and as of late has been questioned on his decision making ability too.

I have to give credit to Hasslebeck though, he was learning a new system, and his offensive line had deteriorated by the end of the season. Hasslebeck wasn't merely playing third string defenses, but trying to win games that mattered.

With the recent trade of him to Seattle, I was baffled. Whitehust was a career third string QB. Yes he played with Philip Rivers, a Pro Bowl-caliber player, and Billy Volek, another player that should be starting for another team. So yes, I will give Whitehurst that.

The trade was Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle. Both teams swap second round picks, 40th to SD, 60th to Seattle, and a 2011 third round draft pick to San Diego.

That's a lot for a quarterback that has never played a regular season snap in his career. I keep reading these articles that Whitehurst will compete with Hasslebeck for the starting spot. I doubt Whitehurst will barely compete with third string quarterback Mike Teel.

I really don't think Whitehurst has that much of a competitive nature, you know a hunger to be the best guy on the field. Where in the fourth quarter he's begging for the ball to go down to score. I think Whitehurst is okay with being the third string quarterback on a team. 

He has no regular season stats, all we have to go on is preseason stats. Believe me they are not that outstanding, considering he was playing teams second and third string talent.

Here is Whitehurst's career preseason stats:

Comp: 104  Att: 197 Comp.%: 52.6 Yards: 1031 TD's: 5 INT: 7 Sacked: 13 Fumb.: 6 QB Rating: 60.6

These numbers represent what this "gunslinger" is bringing to Seattle, to compete with Matt Hasslebeck. I really wouldn't even call it competing, unless of course it was with Mike Teel.

Many are saying, "He is a product of Norv Turner, a pass-heavy offense." I highly doubt Norv Turner puts that much training and teaching into his third string QB. Norv is more in tune with keeping Rivers at the top of his game, then spending it developing his horrible decision making third string QB.

Now I'm not saying Norv doesn't work with him, but that Norv doesn't put as much time and effort in to him as Rivers. Besides if Norv thought he was the future wouldn't he of been already? had it right the first time.

I hope for Seattle's sake though, he becomes something great, I really doubt it though.

If Whitehurst put these stats up against mediocre talent, how is he possibly ever going to play against any starting NFL defense and succeed.

Read some of this article, on the San Diego side, they are laughing at us. Also read it very closely about what they are saying about Whitehurst.



This an article written on B/R by Paul Preibisius, titled:

San Diego Chargers Net Impressive Value for Third-String QB

"No matter how this ultimately plays out, it will have to go down as San Diego’s best move of the offseason so far, and a bit of comfort following the unnerving purge of so many mainstays."

"Any value one can get for an expected non-contributor is solid, but what San Diego managed to gain is something of a coup."

Pay attention to what a S.D. fan is saying" Any value one can get for an EXPECTED NON-CONTRIBUTOR is solid."-  Paul Preibisius

How do you feel now Seattle Seahawk fans that thought this was a good trade?



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