March 2,- April 4. The Best Days Of The Year!

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March 2,- April 4. The Best Days Of The Year!
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In the 2 weeks before spring training gets going. This is when I'm getting on-line to look at the schedules and ticket sales. This is when pitchers and catchers report in for spring training!

I know from experience, that these few weeks. Will be the stepping stones in what to expect for this upcoming season. The practice for veterans. Tryouts for rookies.

Going early to spring training game. Is a tradition in my family. This is like heaven for me! You get to see some of the great hitters rake 'em out!

Such as Vladimir Guerrero. He is a great guy to watch! Watching those balls go like 400 ft. It's amazing!

Even though he was traded to the Texas Rangers. It will be hard to go watch him. I'm definitely not driving from Gilbert to Peoria. But the best place to go.

That's Tempe Diablo! The atmosphere is just great! Even though I'm a Red Sox fan. I still don't mind going to see the Angels, Cubs, Athletics, and Giants play there.

Tempe Diablo is one of the best facilities in Arizona. But Hohokam is the place to go! My step dad is a Cubs fan. But that place is just fantastic!

Going to watch Derek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and Carlos Zambrano! I love going to see Derek Lee do something great at first. Because i play first in high school. But it's just great!

So when you get the chance. Go watch a game at Tempe Diablo. Or Hohokam. Your missing out on a lot of fun. And some good baseball.

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