NCAA Tournament Results, Scores: Complete March Madness Live Blog

Joe YanarellaCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 18:  Gary Johnson #4 of the Texas Longhorns keeps the ball away from Ishmael Smith #10 of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons during the first round of the 2010 NCAA mens basketball tournament at the New Orleans Arena on March 18, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)
Dave Martin/Getty Images

Joe Yanarella here, Editor-in-Chief of Bleacher Report and College hoops fan extraordinaire. For the next 12 hours I'll be blogging about everything March Madness-oriented, as I give you my own unique insight into the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Let the Madness begin!

If you were around for the earlier session, you saw my daylong blog. Now it’s time for the night session.



No. 9 Northern Iowa 73, No. 8 UNLV 70
No. 1 Kentucky 100, No. 16 East Tennessee State 71
No. 14 Ohio 97, No. 3 Georgetown 83
No. 11 Washington 80, No. 6 Marquette 78
No. 1 Kansas 90, No. 16 Lehigh 74
No. 6 Tennessee 62, No. 11 San Diego St. 59
No. 3 New Mexico 62, No. 14 Montana 57

No. 9 Wake Forest 81, No. 8 Texas 80, OT

12:49 That's a wrap. The Mighty Mex holds on to win by five. My Knockout Pool lives to see another day. And that'll wrap things up for me too. I appreciate you stopping by to check out the live blog and I'll be back at it with first tip tomorrow shortly after 12 noon ET.

12:37 New Mexico up 3 with the ball with 47 seconds left. You can do this guys, close the door.

12:34 a.m. Well we're down to one game as New Mex tries to hold off Montana up 3 with 3 minutes to play. C'mon Lobos, I need you for my knockout pool.

12:31 I stand corrected. Rick Barnes didn't wait until the second round to lose. Smith's last-second jumper gives Wake the win. YES! Another Buzzer Beater! It's been a great first day of last-second shots.

12:21 Texas blows out to a six-point lead in OT and seems headed for the second round where I'm sure Rick Barnes will find a way to blow his next game.

12:15 San Diego State gets a great look at a game-tying 3 but it's off the mark and Bruce Pearl advances, meaning more opportunities for him to break out his bright orange blazer.

12:13 That was pretty amazing. Texas missed the FT and Wake just stared at the ball. Two guys boxed out and didn't grab it and Texas nearly stole it but we're headed to OT after a long heave by Texas is offer the mark.

12:08 What a boneheaded play by Wake!!!! Guy gets the ball on an inbound and starts running the baseline like it's a made basket. Now Texas goes for the win. I'm amazed when guys don't know the rules.

12:03 As we cross midnight, we're set up for some exciting finishes. Tennessee clings to a three-point lead with one minute left while Texas is tied.

11:58 I think I'd like to see Cold Aldrich play one on one against Bryant Big Country Reeves. We could pit Goofiest White Guys From the Big 12 from Different Eras against each other.

11:54 Wow Steve Fisher was hot on the bench screaming at an official after a foul call on SDSU. I haven't seen him that hot since Chris Webber called a time out he didn't have for the Fab Five against Michigan in 1993. I also doubt Steve can remember that game.

11:51 SDSU's lead was short-lived as Tennessee responds with a 6-0 run. Texas cuts Wake's lead to 3 with 4 minutes left and Texas' Dexter Pittman looks like he's starting to get hungry.

11:40 Kansas has this one in the bank with a 15-point lead so our second No. 1 seed moves on. And Tennessee is now in a dogfight. I wonder if they force you to wear a headband when you become a Volunteer?

11:34 How does Kansas always come up with some farmboy-looking kid with a buzzcut who can stick it from 3-point range? It's like they make them get the haircut as part of Jayhawk orientation.

11:28 Totally unrelated note. I think I'm the only person over the age of 18 left plaing Call of Duty World at War. Now that everyone's playing Modern Warfare 2, I'm left to play Nazi Zombies on xBox with 10-year-olds. And I'm not happy about it. These kids have no clue when to open the Help door or which stairways to leave blocked off. There, now I feel better.

11:25 We could be looking at another upset alert. New Mexico's best player Hopson—he leads the team in scoring and assists—left the game with a wrist injury and don't know if he'll return. That could mean another 14 seed moving on along with Ohio.

11:18 Bruce Pearl isn't rocking the brighth orange blazer tonight. What's up with that? Does he only break it out during home games at Tennessee?

11:13: I'm in a knockout pool where you have to pick 2 teams per round. All they have to do is win. But once you use them, you can't use them again. (So you can't use No. 1s early because you might get to the Final Four and have no one to pick and you automatically lose). I've got two entries with Michigan State anchored in each of them. One of the entries has New Mexico so I'm going to have to sweat this game. I've also got Wisconsin if I even get that far.

11:07 I've seen all these Masters commercials but I've yet to see what that says: The Masters: Come See TMZ camped out on our lawn. That's a commercial I'd enjoy.

10:59 Quick show of hands: How many people have New Mexico going at least 3 rounds which is what a No. 3 seed should get to? Yea, didn't think so. Steve Alford has a great collection of shooters but I can't see them making a deep run. But they still have one of the best home arenas with The Pit.

10:51 This Zahir Carrington on Lehigh looks like he's about 32 years old but he's a man down low, killing Kansas. I guess he used to play high school ball against Kansas' Morris twins in high school.

10:46 I've switched from Corona to Heineken to Bud. Not because I'm intentionally switching up, more because I've got an Ellis Island of misfit beers in the drawer that I need to get rid of. Mission Nearly Accomplished. I also wholeheartedly recommend BBQ Fritos. So zesty.

10:42 You gotta give Lehigh credit. After getting blitzed by something like a 21-4 run by Kansas they've hung around and are only down two. I'll give a shout out to Lehigh grad Scott Gramling, the former FHM Editor-in-Chief I used to work with.

10:37 Verne Lundquist really doesn't want to read these census promos. He read 6-8 words and Bill Raftery said to him, Can't you ad lib a little? Verne said: I don't get paid by the word.

10:26 Kansas on a 17-0 run. That turned around in a hurry. Big 12 is 2-0 and sure to be 3-0 after this game.

10:21 I really want to be excited about this last round of games but having trouble. I'm gonna pull for San Diego State and hope that New Mexico pours in about 20 3s.

10:14 OK, the Lehigh lead is up to 8. Maybe the Kansas bracket is a little tougher than I gave it credit for.

10:11 Kansas has four points through 5 1/2 minutes. You see the Jayhawks down at the half and you'll have a lot of people sweating.

10:01 p.m. Start up the funeral march for the Big East, 2 No. 6s and a No. 3 go down and a No. 2 has to go to OT to win. Does that mean load up on Morgan State, Vermont and California tomorrow?

9:58 Well at least I've called three upsets so far, including Murray State.

9:51 OK, after a short break to recharge, I'm set for the last set of games. Kansas will be a blowout and I'm hoping San Diego State can beat Tennessee. Wake-Texas is a yawner in my opinion and I'm looking for the Mighty New Mex to handle Montana. Now we just need Marquette to hold off the Huskies down the stretch.

9:33 For all those people who thought Kansas had a tough bracket, what do you think now? A Maryland-Michigan State winner and Ohio State ain't exactly Murderer's Row.

9:28 Northern Iowa advances and Kentucky hangs 100 on ETSU. And Georgetown is gone, baby gone! A lot of brackets blew up today. And my buddy Aron Glatzer's shot to win it all with the Hoyas never made it out of the first round.

9:24 That my friends is a deep three for Northern Iowa and the lead with 4 seconds left! BANG! Send em back to Vegas. Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.

9:22 There's nothing better than seeing old Al McGuire footage and the classic Marquette uniforms hanging out of the pants with the names down by the waist. Classic!

9:20 Who's this new HP commercial guy? When these ad people go into a room, do they just say, this commercial needs to be funny, let's give the guy an accent?

9:19 Paging John Thompson Sr. paging John Thompson Sr. Perhaps you could show your son how to coach some defense. Getting a 90 hung up on you by a MAC squad doesn't exactly recall the Hoya Paranoia days.

9:17 Northern Iowa up 3 with 2 minutes left. Looks like we're gonna have another fantastic finish.

9:15 UNLV coach Lon Kruger looks more like a hall monitor than a major college coach. Do you have a pass?

9:11 The Hoyas have lead under 10 with 6 minutes to go. Ohio's on pace to score 90 points and they still might have to sweat.

9:09 So who will be Player of the Day for the first day of the tournament: Jimmer Fredette with his 37 for BYU in double OT or Armon Bassett with 25 and counting if Ohio knocks out G-Town? I've got to see if Ohio can close it out before I make my pick.

9:04 I saw a great site somewhere we they ranked the college coaches who most looked like Mafia guys from John Calipari to Rick Pitino to Jay Wright and they even threw Bob Huggins in for good measure for the hair alone. It was great stuff.

9:02 G-Town cuts the lead to 14 with just under 10 to play. Do they have a comeback in them? I hope not.

9:01 Verne Lundquist gets really excited when something exciting happens in the Northern Iowa game but he really doesn't want to read these census promos. Quote from him: Just fill it out and send it back in, that's it? If only it was that easy Verne.

8:56 Forgive me for not showing enough Repo Men love but it feels like a movie I've seen before. Like The Transporter Meets RocknRolla.

8:54 So maybe we should've taken more teams from the MAC and Northeast Conference and less from the Big East. The Big East is gonna be lucky to get one come-from-behind OT win and maybe pulls one out with Marquette. Beasts of the East indeed. Be careful Jameson, that doesn't bode well for the Orange.

8:44 This dude on Northern Iowa looks like a cross between Wolverine and a fat guy fighting MMA. I wish I could find you a picture but it's #32, Lucas O'Rear.

8:42 I'm sure AT+T commercials pay pretty well but what happened to Luke Wilson's career. Who'd a thunk that Owen would turn out to be the successful one in the family?

8:37 I think John Wall should just go pro right now and try to lead the Nets into the playoffs. Or at least to double figures in wins. I'd pay to see Brook Lopez and Yingling Ji or whatever his name is try to do the John Wall Dance.

8:35 And while I'm ranting, what kind of scam is Subway running claiming that any regular FOOTLONG is $5? And when I go in and order a chicken, bacon ranch they charge me full price. They claim it's not a regular. I'm not happy about that.

8:33 p.m. When you see these Schick commercials, is there any doubt that Derek Jeter never did steroids? Man there's guys on my rec league team who are bigger than him. Gold bless him.

8:31 Does anybody remember when UNI coach Ben Jacobson used to play for Northern Iowa? He could stick it from deep. I always liked his game, like Kent Huffnagel who paired with Antonio Gates at Kent State.

8:28 OK, so what's your favorite E-trade baby commercial? I'm a little partial to Shank-apottamus myself.

8:19 Ohio is taking it to G-Town at the half and Kentucky's laying the wood to ETSU. And all anyone wants to talk about is The Back-up Plan, Hot Tub Time Machine and Sandra Bullock's husband's affair. Go figure.

8:02 Dude on Northern Iowa just rose up for a dunk and stepped on the face of a guy from UNLV. It was nasty. And Kentucky goes over the 50-point mark with 1:40 left in the first half. This might turn into such a blowout that we get to see the John Wall Dance during the game.

7:56 Washington-Marquette just about to tip off so we're officially looking at four live games right now. So if you're scoring at home, Ohio by 10, Kentucky by 27, Northern Iowa tied and Hot Tub Time Machine edging out The Back-Up Plan 14-12 in bad movie commercials. All we need now is Clash of the Titans and we've got the trifecta.

7:52 p.m. Ohio now has a 7-point lead on G-Town. I guarantee you there's a lot of Big East Tournament bandwagoners sweating right now.

7:44 Side note on one of the commercials I just saw: Does anyone really want to see J-Lo play a pregnant woman? I mean is anyone really interested in that? I realize she just scaled the other side of hottie mountain and is on her way back down but it's not like we pay to see her act. And do you think Sandra Bullock would've found out her husband Jesse James was crossing needles with his tattoo artist if she hadn't won an Oscar? Sorry, got off the track there for a minute, back to hoops. That's what hour 8 tends to do to you.

7:42 I saw a Vegas prop where it asked whether any of the No. 1 seeds would reach 100 points and I thought that it was crazy and there was no way. Kentucky's got 29 with nine left in the first half. They might give it a run.

7:40 Special shout out to my boy Aron Glatzer who's a huge Greg Monroe booster. Personally, I think he'll be a stiff in the NBA with not enough post moves but we agree to disagree. And I can't see why Aron loves Monroe so much when he's a smooth post player who passes the ball when Aron's all cheap shots and elbows on the court when he plays.

7:38 I've seen this kid Armon Bassett from Ohio play. He's a guard who transferred from Indiana I think and he can play. He'll give G-Town some problems.

7:35 Bill Raftery on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange earlier in the week? Gold is up, silver is down and look out for Onions!

7:34 McDonald's, Coke and Dove commercials all on at the same time and no hoops action. I thought having the Mega March Madness package meant I wouldn't have to watch commercials.

7:30 OK, the night action is flowing now. Kentucky off to a quick 11-point lead over ETSU, G-Town down 6 to Ohio early and UNLV off to a six-point lead. So bad news all around :)

7:17 p.m. Time to kick off the night action with a little Northern Iowa vs. UNLV. I'm leaning towards Northern Iowa in this one because of their versatility and experience. The John Wall experience also kicks off as the Wildcats square off against East Tennessee State.