Your Move Mr. Walsh: Knicks Offseason Plan

Brad ZakSenior Analyst IJuly 10, 2008

So far this offseason the Knicks have ushered in the Danilo Gallinari era and signed former Dukie Chris Duhon to a two-year contract.  Not exactly jaw-dropping moves, but it's really exactly what the Knicks need.

For the past half decade the Knicks have tried to make impact deal after impact deal.  Yet, each move proved to be less successful than the Love Guru, and sent the franchise into an even faster tailspin. 

The Knicks should keep up the pace toward making modest roster moves that allow them to go for the grand-daddy of them all in the 2010 off-season.  That's the best the Knicks can do for right now: just weather the storm. 

With the Celtics coming off an NBA championship, the 76ers inking Elton Brand, and the Nets posturing toward the 2010 offseason as well, the Knicks need to start putting Donnie Walsh's plan into motion.

Here are two proposed trades that are not only logical for both sides but are approved by ESPN's always reliable trade machine.

Trade One

New York Knicks send Zach Randolph to the L.A. Clippers for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas

You've got to believe the Knicks are trying desperately to shop Zach Randolph, which is easier said than done considering his contract is the only thing that dwarfs his bra size.

The aging Mobley and Tim Thomas would be expendable for the Clippers in order to revitalize their lineup.  By moving the two of them it would open up more playing time for Eric Gordon and Al Thornton. 

The trade would leave the Clippers with a starting five of Baron Davis-Eric Gordon-Al Thornton-Zach Randolph-Chris Kaman with DeAndre Jordan and any potential free agent they sign this summer coming off the bench.  If the young guys are able to contribute they could compete for a playoff spot with that lineup.

The Knicks would have successfully gotten rid of Randolph's contract and bad attitude, while also adding two guys who fit into D'Antoni's system. 

Although they already have a plethora of aging swingmen, Mobley would provide a talented lefty jump-shooter and Thomas's best days of his career were spent with D'Antoni in Phoenix.

Trade Two

Knicks send David Lee and Nate Robinson to Charlotte for Raymond Felton

The Bobcats selection of D.J. Augustin seems to send a message that Felton is on the block.  Although the Knicks just signed Chris Duhon, he is more a suitable backup then the answer at point guard.

Felton has the quickness to run a fast-paced offense and plays unselfishly, averaging 7.4 assists per game last year.  Felton's contract expires at the end of this season, so if he doesn't live up to the billing the Knicks could simply let him walk. 

David Lee is in line for an extension and it seems as if Walsh would rather deal him than tie up a lot of money into an "energy" guy.  Nate Robinson's departure would also drop the Knicks locker room level of craziness from "Unhealthy" to "Ludicrous." 

The trade would also signfy the end to the Stephon Marbury era as the Knicks could just cut him loose and let him head for greener pastures in Italy. 

These two trades would give the Knicks a nucleus of Felton-Crawford-Gallinari-Thomas-Curry with Mobley, Duhon, Balkman, Jeffries and Richardson all available off the bench. 

By all means they are not a title contender, but could possibly challenge for the 8th playoff spot in a softer East.  The reinvention of the Knicks will take time, but a couple trades like these and the future could look just a tad brighter.

Just think if Walsh was able to pull this off the only players that would still be under contract in 2010 would be Crawford, Jeffries and Gallinari.  If Felton was re-signed and a couple other pieces were put into place, the platter might be more enticing than what they have to offer in New Jersey/Brooklyn.