Any Takers?: Finding a Home for Chris Webber

Jon BrossCorrespondent INovember 12, 2007 Webber has had an interesting offseason.
The 14-year veteran hasn't officially retired—but he can't seem to find any takers for his services.
Last season, Webber averaged 11 points and seven rebounds with the 76ers and the Pistons—not typical Webber numbers, but still good enough to be a factor off the bench.

Early reports indicated that Webber was headed to Greece to finish his career. Olympiacos, one of Greece's premier teams, offered Chris a two-year deal worth between $10 and $12 million—which would have made him the highest paid American player in Europe.
Is that really all that's left for the former All-Star?

In early October, Webber turned down the Olympiacos deal. Subsequent reports have him looking to return to the Pistons, but cap restrictions have stalled negotiations.
In the event that Webber and the Pistons can't reach an agreement, a handful of other NBA teams could use a veteran power forward to help guide them to the playoffs:

1) Chicago Bulls
The Bulls are in a bit of a tailspin out of the gate. Webber would be a great fit coming off the bench, and would bring veteran leadership to a team that lacks it.
2) Orlando Magic
The Magic are looking like a playoff team in the early going—but they don't have a true power forward to help Dwight Howard down low. Webber's jumper would help open up the paint for Orlando's star center.
3) New Jersey Nets
The Nets' game relies on speed and perimeter shooting. Still, it helps to have a legitimate big man.
Guys like Nenad Krstic, Jamal Magloire, and Jason Collins don't garner the same respect Webber does—and Webber's game is more complete than any of theirs.
4) Phoenix Suns
Phoenix is a great team, but could use some help in the 4 spot.
Boris Diaw is young and inconsistent. Enter Webber, who can run the floor with Steve Nash and help Grant Hill guide the team through the playoffs.
Imagine a lineup of Webber, Nash, Hill, Shawn Marion, and Amare Stoudemire. That's kind of scary.
5) Houston Rockets
The Rockets are flying out of the gate, but like the Suns lack punch at the 4.
Chuck Hayes and newcomer Louis Scola are the team's power forwards. Though Scola has shown he can cut it in the NBA, Webber would be a welcome presence on a club looking to contend now.
With Webber complementing Yao Ming's inside presence and Tracy's McGrady's all-around game, the sky would be the limit in Houston.
As it stands, Webber continues to drift in basketball limbo. With so many teams in need of a power forward, it's hard to imagine that he won't find a home sooner rather than later.