Elton Brand "boozered" The Clippers: "I Smell a Rat"

Ralph isaacAnalyst IJuly 10, 2008

Like my man T.O said: "If it talks like a duck, walk like a duck, then by golly it is a duck."

That about sums it up for the whole Elton Brand to the 76ers. I know all those people who believed Elton Brand was a stand up are disappointed. Well they should be! Because Elton turned out to be just as much a diva as the next guy.

I don't believe any of those words that came out of Brand's mouth yesterday after the signing and countless other radio interviews. The most telling fact was that his agent was the one speaking for him at the press conference. When was the last time you saw an agent speaking for a player after a major signing??

Then I did some research on his agent David Falk. I found out that he used to be a power agent who used to managed Michael Jordan. He also resented Mike Dunleavy for not picking Mike Bibby (his client at the time) during the draft. It looks like he used Elton Brand to get back at the Clippers, all the while helping his status as an agent.

What broke the Camel's back you ask? Word out of Los Angeles is that Brand wanted a no-trade clause and an opt-out clause. I don't blame the Clippers for refusing to give out a no-trade clause, because after the Kobe Bryant saga, executives around the league took notice and vowed to never give out no trade clauses.

"Who the f*** is Elton Brand to demand a no-trade clause?" He's not a superstar, he's not a leader. He's a quiet dude that puts out good numbers. But he doesn't impact a team's win/lost record in anyway. Is it a coincidence that the Clippers only successful season was with a 35+ year old Cassel as its leader?

First he says it's not about the money. But they used the Warriors and Sixers offer for the Clippers to up their offer. Didn't Brand himself say that he'd take less money so that they could go after a top free-agent?

They did just that with Baron Davis. And Davis is the one who will have to pay for Brand's divaness. Ain't that a b**ch?