The Death Of Tag Team Wrestling: Where Is The WWE Tag Division?

Ichigo StarfishCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2010

The Wrestlemania card is almost complete and while a few points are yet to be resolved one thing is clear, WWE's minor belts will be absent from the event.

There was a time when the US and Intercontinental belts meant something, but if both belts were to be discarded it would hardly seem to matter anymore. 

The same could be said for the Tag Titles too.

The prestige of the Tag division has arguably never been lower and it isn't hard to imagine the whole concept being dropped from WWE programming. This would be a mistake almost as awful as bringing the Nasty Boys back to TV, but not far worse than the current state of affairs.

The WWE currently has three active Tag Teams on its roster, none of which will be represented at Wrestlemania. The two most prominent, Cryme Time and the Hart Dynasty were recently all squashed midway through a match by the Undertaker.

Of the last 10 teams to hold the Tag Titles, seven have been two singles competitors randomly thrown together, most of whose association has now long since ceased.

Once upon a time the Tag Division was seen as a way to put together two up and comers, allowing them time to develop before a singles push. Feuds between rival teams could stretch out over months, divide crowds and lead to new developments in matches and pay-per-views.

Nowadays the Tag Division is seen as a way to put together two Wrestlers who Creative doesn't know how to use. The two Wrestlers beat Cryme Time before eventually losing to two other random Wrestlers and going their separate ways.

That's right, Creative being lazy shocker!

It seems hard to imagine guys such as Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart not succeeding but both men spent a long time in their early WWF careers in tag teams, three and six years respectfully.

Would guys such as Edge, Christian or the Hardy Boys have had the chance to make names for themselves without their partners and rivalries?

Wrestlemania looks good on paper this year but here are a couple of tweaks I would like to have seen (obviously far too late now).

If you've split up Miz and Morrison put them in singles matches. Morrison can go into MITB, Miz can defend his US belt against perhaps Kofi or Evan Bourne.

The Colons could have been kept together and given TV time. Carlito especially is a talented Wrestler and deserves to be used.

Creative could have started putting together feuds between legitimate tag teams in Summer/Autumn last year. Cryme Time is extremely popular with crowds, while Hart Dynasty ought to be easy to write for given their background.

Big Show could be kept on the Wrestlemania card either with an eating contest/spelling Bee/Celebrity match, etc (because we all need to take a bathroom break somewhere) or as opponent to Miz for the US Title.

An underused comedy character could be effectively used by giving him a straight man. Putting Goldust with Hornswaggle is NOT funny.

Goldust with Yoshi Tatsu is NOT funny. Goldust with an intentionally dull Charlie Haas might have worked, Yoshi Tatsu as William Regal's non-understanding English sidekick might be funny, Hornswaggle with...No, can't bring myself to think of it.

Wrestlemania opens with a Fatal Fourway for the tag Titles, Cryme Time vs. Hart Dynasty vs. Colons vs. Regal & Tatsu.

So what do you think? Comments welcome. Thanks for reading.