Where Will Albert Go?

Sean MatraiContributor IMarch 18, 2010

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 01:  First baseman Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium on March 1, 2010 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

To even put this thought in your head,just shocks your mind.It is sort of the same feeling you would get as if Jeter were to leave the Bronx.If you are a Cardinals fan then it is like severe indigestion. SOMEONE BREAKOUT THE MYLANTA!!!,the truth of it all is it looks like he will go somewhere.But in order to figure out where he could go we have to be realistic.There are 2 things that apply to trades

1.Money-yes money is a major factor especially with probably the best or one of the best players in baseball.Pujols can be called a franchise player. A franchise player is one player who could be added a team and totally change a team's Dynamics.Ex:Pujols would not go to the Royals because obviously they don't have the money too pay his contract.

2.Prospects-when you deal with a trade in baseball,you generally deal with prospects.Big trades generally require for you to have a good amount of medium-high talented prospects.Unless you are giving the heart of your team away(Stars).Teams with no prospects or a weak farm system could probably not get this trade down.

Here are the teams

1.Boston-Yankee fans might want to throw up after this, but its true.If the Red Sox do manage to get a deal like this done which could possibly send Beltre plus a good amount of talented prospects to the Cards.The Red Sox would be Extremely Dangerous.I would fear that lineup.

2.Mets-If Omar's job is severely on the line like the upper management says it is, he may try to make a big splash.Adding this guy to the Mets would make the Braves lineup look minescule and the Phillies lineup comparable to the Mets.They could start by trading Ike Davis plus maybe prospects and Reyes since he is never on the field to the cards for him.Fear may actually strike the Phillies.Wait no really.

3.Mariners- who knows wow ,just envision them.They would be severely good if they got this deal done.To be honest If they made it right I think they could afford him.He would be a great future first base in Seattle.

4.Braves-they would be so good if they acquired Pujols ,but I do not think it will happen.The Braves would probably have to look in either giving up Hanson or Heyward,because the Cards would immediatley ask for one or maybe both of them.The Braves would not really want to part with that and Increase their payroll dramatically.

5.Phillies-The Phillies have the talent,its wheter or not they would be able to keep him.The only logical way a deal for Albert could get done is if Ryan Howard went to the Cards in exchange for Albert.But even so I really see that crumbling on the Cardinals side.