A Missed Opportunity with the Hart Dynasty

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMarch 18, 2010

At this point we all know about the Vince McMahon-Bret Hart feud in the WWE that led to their No-Holds-Barred match. If you did not know then you were living under a rock this entire time. The feud has been going on since December 28, 2009 and will supposedly end on WrestleMania XXVI.

So the feud been going on for roughly about four months and there is only one question that has not been answered yet. That question is...


It a no-brainer, as having them with Bret Hart will greatly benefits this young group of wrestlers. The WWE Creative team drops the ball on this one big time. Those four months could have been perfect to get the fans more connected to the young Hart dynasty and earn them a bigger fan base with the WWE Universe.


Here are some ways WWE could have utilized the Hart Dynasty:

1. Bret Hart could have been their manager during his feud with Vince McMahon. He could have been at ringside, mentoring the Hart Dynasty and leading them to win the unified Tag team titles. Also the Hart Dynasty could have been used as bodyguards for Bret as to make sure Vince or Batista do not harm him.

2. When Bret hurt his leg he could have asked the Hart Dynasty to protect him in his valuable state. When it came time for Bret to reveal that his leg is indeed fine, he could've hit Vince with his leg brace while the Hart Dynasty beat Vince to the point of being motionless.

3. Vince Hired the Hart Dynasty and Batista to beat Bret Hart. Batista will go on and face John Cena while The Hart Dynasty are in Vince Ringside for WrestleMania. The reason the Hart Dynasty want to help Vince humiliate Bret Hart is not for the money but to prove that they are better than the best. Come WrestleMania XXVI The Hart Dynasty turns on Vince and beat him near the conclusion of the match to help Bret Win.

Any of those three ideas could have been used in order to utilize the Hart Dynasty. It was truly a missed Opportunity and I prefer seeing the Hart Dynasty involved with the Vince McMahon/Bret Hart Feud then seeing them face Cryme Tyme for the quadrillionth time!