MMA new weight classes...What difference would it make?

Jason CottierAnalyst IJuly 10, 2008

The new weight classes go as follows:

Flyweight up to 105

Super Flyweight 105.1 to 115

Bantamweight 115.1 to 125

Super Bantamweight 125.1 to 135

Featherweight 135.1 to 145

Lightweight 145.1 to 155

Super Lightweight 155.1 to 165

Welterweight 165.1 to 175

Super Welterweight 175.1 to 185

Middleweight 185.1 to 195

Super Middleweight 195.1 to 205

Light Heavyweight 205.1 to 225

Heavyweight 225.1 to 265

Super Heavyweight 265.1 and up

With Zuffa owning UFC and WEC they can actually split the weight classes seven and seven.  They can still keep the profits from all weight classes within the company, and not have so many titles that no one can keep up.  WEC has focused on lighter fighters anyway.  Now they can have more of the lighter classes with the new weight classes.

UFC already has a 155 division so they keep the lightweight, or give the lightweight guys the extra ten lbs.

Then maybe they can each have the Super lightweight division.  If the UFC takes all up to the Super Heavyweight, which I don't think the Super Heavies would be a big draw for anyone anyway, that should just have seven titles.

Remembering two more champions should be easy enough.  The only problem is a champion being dominant in a weight class.  Now two new classes are opened up for people that don't want to face the champion, or just flat out couldn't beat them. 

I don't have a problem with someone that is championship quality getting a shot at another belt.  Someone like Rich Franklin, or Dan Henderson.  I would really hate the idea of the Josh Koscheck, Chris Lytle fight being for a title. 

I really don't know if this could help or hurt the UFC, EliteXC, or Affliction.  I have a few ideas as to how it could help the UFC/WEC pair.  And as far as I know EliteXC and strikeforce seem to be in bed together...I really don't know the whole idea behind that, because neither site can keep a website functional.

As for Affliction they could actually become a parent company to another MMA organization, and split the weight classes amongst themselves too.  I think 14 weight classes is way too much for any single organization, but seven is just about right. 

The massive differences in weight classes (15 lbs here, 20 there) is a lot of weight for a fighter that wants to move up or down.  With fighters having to drop or gain so much weight to change weight classes, I think it might have a huge impact on fighters that are dominating their weight classes. 

Well there are good and bad issues here.  The good could set up more variety in the schedule.  The bad could set up champions that are not championship caliber.

I am torn as to how this could change things.  I hope all the organizations could figure out the way that works best for them to keep the fights entertaining.  I just don't want the MMA boring streak that happened around UFC 15 or so, and continued for years afterward.

Women's MMA could also benefit from the weight classes, because most MMA fans, unless you are truly hardcore, can't name three female fighters.  All female MMA revolves around Carrano.  With more weight classes comes more opportunities for the women to become household names.