Awesome Kong: The Solution To a Dying Knockout's Division

Devon GivensCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

Hi, folks.  This is Devon Givens here presenting you with another article, none other than here on the Bleacher Report.  Today, I will talk about how bringing back Awesome Kong could help the Knockout's Division.

Ever since Kong had a widely publicized situation with Bubba the Love Sponge (BTLS), she's disappeared from TV, effectively vacating the two-month reign she as a champion, along with Hamada. 

Although recent reports stated that she requested a release from TNA, her profile is still visible there on TNA, (giving us the prediction that she might come back in the near future, even though I'm unsure that would happen).  Let me explain why bringing her back would pump some life back into the Knockouts Division.

For one, I'd say I speak for everyone by firing Bubba the Love Sponge.  He has no business near a TNA ring, or building for that matter. 

It's very sad, considering the fact that you release Kong instead of him for spewing vile garbage on the Internet about Haiti.  His words came with controversy, but he hasn't been punished. 

This would lead me to the conclusion that if you Hogan's butt-buddy, he will try to do the best he can to protect your arse from getting in hot water, (as any old, reliable friend would do).  Firing him would have been, no wait, matter of fact, WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA, since many of the Internet fans and TNA marks hate his guts.

Second, Awesome Kong's presence in the Knockout's Division made you want to tune in.  It kept your eyes glued to the screen, wondering who she would crush next in the ring, (in my opinion, the female equivalent to Goldberg and Brock Lesnar) ranging from the Beautiful People to Tara. 

Many interesting feuds arose, and many could have come into fruition.  This would later all come to a halt.

If TNA would make the right decision and fire Bubba, then, maybe, just maybe I would be less critical of the product than I am now.  So, will you "make the change" TNA?  (The pun is intended, by the way).