MLB's All-Time Top 10 Latino Pitching Leaders

Tony MenendezCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 25:  Mariano Rivera #42 of the New York Yankees poses for a photo during Spring Training Media Photo Day at George M. Steinbrenner Field on February 25, 2010 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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A new season is just around the corner, and a number of Latino players are frequently mentioned by fans and the media.


In the New York Yankees pinstripe uniform, there are from the mound well-known Javier Vazquez and Mariano Rivera.


On the other side of the Big Apple, Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez are nowadays the big names from the mound of the blue and orange Mets shirt.


All of the above mentioned are among the best Latinos ever to have played or still be active in Major League Baseball.


Once it was said that records and numbers are to be broken.


What will happen in the future remains to be seen. At the end of 2009, these are the All-Time Top 10 Latino Pitching Leaders in the Majors.





Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 245

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 243

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 229

Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 219

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 194

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 185

John Candelaria, Puerto Rico: 177

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 174

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 173

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 156






Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 193

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 179

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 172

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 170

Pedro Ramos, Cuba: 160

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 153

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 151

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 142

Javier Vazquez, Puerto Rico: 139

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 130






Jose Mesa, Dominican Republic: 1,022

Roberto Hernandez, Puerto Rico: 1,010

Mariano Rivera, Panama: 917

Julian Tavarez, Dominican Republic: 828

Armando Benítez, Dominican Republic: 762

Guillermo Hernandez, Puerto Rico: 744

Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 692

Hector Carrasco, Dominican Republic: 647

Diego Segui, Cuba: 639

Francisco Cordero, Dominican Republic: 610

Dennys Reyes, Mexico: 610






Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 562

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 484

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 457

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 424

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 412

Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 409

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 404

Javier Vazquez, Puerto Rico: 385

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 379

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 367






Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 244

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 206

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 187

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 172

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 132

Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 122

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 113

Juan Pizarro, Puerto Rico: 79

Pedro Ramos, Cuba: 73

Mario Soto, Dominican Republic: 72






Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 52

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 49

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 36

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 36

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 31

Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 30

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 26

Ramón Martínez, Dominican Republic: 20

Joaquín Andújar, Dominican Republic: 19

Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 17

Juan Pizarro, Puerto Rico: 17






Mariano Rivera, Panama: 526

Roberto Hernandez, Puerto Rico: 326

Jose Mesa, Dominican Republic: 321

Armando Benitez, Dominican Republic: 289

Francisco Cordero, Dominican Republic: 250

Francisco Rodriguez, Venezuela: 243

Ugueth Urbina, Venezuela: 237

Jose Valverde, Dominican Republic: 167

Guillermo Hernandez. Puerto Rico: 147

Antonio Alfonseca, Dominican Republic: 129






Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 3999.2

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 3,507

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 3486.1

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 3220.1

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 2930.2

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 2,930

Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 2827.1

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 2,808

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 2734.2

John Candelaria, Puerto Rico: 2525.2






Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 3,154

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 2,416

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 2,303

Javier Vazquez, Puerto Rico: 2,253

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 2,167

Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 2,149

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 2,074

Johan Santana, Venezuela: 1,733

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 1,715

John Candelaria, Puerto Rico: 1,673






Dennis Martínez, Nicaragua: 1,165

Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico: 1,151

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 1,104

Camilo Pascual, Cuba: 1,069

Livan Hernandez, Cuba: 940

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 918

Juan Pizarro, Puerto Rico: 888

Jose de Leon, Dominican Republic: 841

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 822

Wilson Alvarez, Venezuela: 805






Mariano Rivera, Panama: 2.25

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: 2.89

Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: 2.93

Alejandro Peña, Dominican Republic: 3.11

Johan Santana, Venezuela: 3.12

Mike Cuellar, Cuba: 3.14

Jose Rijo, Dominican Republic: 3.24

Adolfo Luque, Cuba: 3.24

Luis Tiant, Cuba: 3.30

John Candelaria, Puerto Rico: 3.33






Pedro Martínez, Dominican Republic: .687

Johan Santana, Venezuela: .670

Pedro Borbon, Dominican Republic: .639

Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic: .631

Carlos Zambrano, Venezuela: .607

Ramon Martínez, Dominican Republic: .605

Freddy García, Venezuela: .599

Bartolo Colon, Dominican Republic: .598

Teddy Higuera, Mexico: .595

John Candelaria, Puerto Rico: .592


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