Glam Girls Lucky Charms

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Glam Girls Lucky Charms

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Happy St. Patty's day you hot little leprechauns!! Before drinking your green beer and picking out a few lucky clovers, you've got to spend a little time picking out your winning teams.
I know we've all had a relaxing evening watching the kids belt out Rolling Stones tunes on Idol and evaluating the western region (nodding, yes...). Now lovelies, it's time to break down the brackets from the east and south.
Top notch basketball, and top notch games. These games are guaranteed wow moment generators. Both region games will pull you out of your seat and keep you jumping up and down. It's always fun to fit in a little extra cardio to burn those pesky green beer calories that have been loading up over the past week. Totally kidding. Anyways, we've picked up our favorite match-ups from each region. Have a look. Have a read. Have a green beer!
Alright Dolls, pencils out, ready to take notes.
The Eastenders!
(9) Wake Forest vs. (8) Texas Longhorns, Thursday, 9:35 am
Wake Forest Demon Deacons
- Wake has not appeared in the tournament since 2007
- Team record this season is 19-10
- Lost 5 of their last 6 games
- Considered one of the "taller" teams in the country
- Met up with Texas in the 1996 tournament
Texas Longhorns
- Texas started the season with a bang, even earning top team in the nation, but since, the Longhorns have fallen dramatically over the last three months
- injury plagued season followed by an equally plagued post season
- Pre-Season Texas Hoops was picked to go to the finals
- Early season Texas beat basketball powerhouse schools Michigan State and North Carolina
Glam Girls Pick: Wake Forrest! Texas has fallen down a slippery slope this season, and team up a harsh last several months with the injury factor. We predict this year is one-and-done for The Longhorns. Although both teams are equally matched, this will be an entertaining game. All that taken into consideration, we believe Wake will prevail.
(5) Temple Owls vs. (12) Cornell Big Red, Friday at 12:30 pm (est)
Temple Owls
- 25th time head coach Fran Duphy has taken a team to the tournament
- Temple is 29-5
- Won their last ten games
- Won their conference championship
- Strong team, strong players all around
- Temple defense ranked within top 5 in the country
Cornell Big Red
- Plays Ivy League level teams
- Ivy league team hasn't won a tournament game since 1998
- Powerhouse 7 foot tall guard
- Holds opponents to low percentages on the free throw line
- This team is set to have a lot of "heart" going into the tournament
Glam Girls Pick- Temple! This team is lead by a coach who has taken a team to the tournament 25 times. He's had a whole season to prep and ready his team, and it's paid off. Temple is on a hot streak right now, and I can't imagine that Cornell will have the ability to trump those firey Owls.
(4) Wisconsin Badgers vs. (13) Wofford Terriers, Friday at 2:50 pm (est)
Wisconsin Badgers
- Wisconsin is the top team in the nation for turnovers (meaning they're able to steal the ball from their opponent)
- Badgers are currently ranked #4 defense in the nation
- Coach Bo Ryan has been with the team for 9 years, and has taken his team to the tournament every year he's been in the cheese state
Wofford Terriers
- Small South Carolina School
- Although a small school, they'll play in a tournament in Florida, so it will be an easy road trip for the alumni and student body to cheer on the team. Student support during games is proven to add extraordinary momentum.
- The Terriers have won their last 13 games
- This is the first time that head coach, Mike Young has taken his team to the tournament
Glam Girls Pick: Wisconsin! Although we love (and have been following) The Terriers all season long, we have to go for experience. Spoiler alert: We have Wisconsin in the finals on our own brackets. This is a team with momentum, experience, and a coach who understands tournament play. Consider this team to be a "triple threat" to teams in their region. It's been said numerous times that Wisconsin could have easily earned a one seed. The Badgers have the opportunity to really prove themselves, and we think that's exactly what they'll do.
(11) Washington Huskies vs. (6) Marquette Golden Eagles, Thursday at 7:20 pm (est)
Washington Huskies
- Finished season 24-9
- Pac-10 Champions
- Huskies have won their last seven games
- Extremely fast paced team
- Coach Lorenzo Romar has taken U-dub to the dance 6 times in the last 9 years
Marquette Golden Eagles
- Held all their opponents to four or more points consecutively throughout the season
- Forward, Lazar Hayward averaging 18 points and 7 rebounds per game
- This team knows and understands how to win games
Glam Girls Pick: Washington! Although seeded lower then Marquette, the Huskies are a ready tournament team. They've finished their season with strong momentum, and have come off a huge win over Cal in the Pac-10 tournament. If they play this game the same way they played last weekend, Washington could move along quite nicely this year.
Dirty South Brackets!
(9) Louisville Cardinals vs. (8) Cal Golden Bears, Friday 9:45 pm (est)
Louisville Cardinals
- Finished season 20-12
- Head Coach, Rick Pitino is 7 out of 9 seasons making the tournament
- Coach is considered to be one of the top tournament coaches in the nation
- Louisville is a tough team, and plays fast and furious basketball
- Team exhibits a solid defense in most occasions
Cal Golden Bears
- Lost to Washington in Pac-10 tournament
- Finished season 23-10
- Most of the veteran team that played in last years tournament will be starting again for Cal
- Team has won 10 of it's last 11 games
Glam Girls Pick: Louisville! I might regret my decision on this, but when I look at both teams and evaluate their tournament style play, I can't help but think Rick Pitino will have his team more tournament ready. They both know the battle field, having been there before several times. It just seems to me they'll put the season behind them, and come out fresh for post season play.
(5) Texas A&M Aggies vs. (12) Utah State Aggies - Friday at 4:45 pm (est)
**Can't help but love the irony in this. Aggies vs. Aggies. This will be a fun sportscast to follow**
Texas A&M Aggies
- A&M finished season with a 23-9 record
- Past six season had boasts at least 20 wins
- Tied for 2nd place in Big 12 tourney
Utah State Aggies
- a definite bubble team. Meaning their tournament fate could have gone either way: in or out
- Finished season 27-2
- Won the WAC Regular Season title
Glam Girls Pick: Aggies! Okay, couldn't help it... A&M! Gonna go with strength of conference for this choice. Big 12 teams have the opportunity to play a consistently stronger level of basketball. Although Utah State won the WAC regular season title, they weren't playing the same level of hoops as A&M. Having a seasons worth of experience playing higher caliber teams is on A&M's side.
(13) Siena Saints vs. (4) Purdue Boilermakers, Friday at 2:30 pm (est)
Siena Saints
- Cinderella team central! Saints, two years ago with same rankings went on to beat 4 seeded Vanderbelt, and last year beat 8 seed Ohio State (Siena was seeded 9 at that time).
- These two teams have never met up before
- Siena is 2-4 all-time against the Big Ten in the NCAA Tournament. Pretty impressive for a small school
Purdue Boilermakers
- Injury plagued team late in the season will carry into the tournament with the same ailments.
- The last 11 years the team has won all of their first round games
- Matt Painter, Head Coach has been at the school for five seasons, and he's taken his team to dance four times
- Purdue has won 27 games this season
Glam Girls Pick: Siena! Gotta go with consistency on this. I believe the Saints have what it takes to **pardon the pun** march onto the next round. Here's a team who just keeps surprising us, up against Purdue who has a number of it's best players sitting the bench, I don't see why they can't pull out another flash victory.
So there we are. Hopefully Glam Girls has provided a new study style to follow while filling out your winning brackets. Always keep note of a teams past performance record, coaching style, strength of conference, and injury report to help finalize your basketball masterpiece.
You've got this Dolls! Now make all of your friends GREEN with envy! Win it!

Stay Lucky,
AC Siena

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