Anyone But Connecticut Is an Upset In Women's Tourney

Rodd CaytonCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

Ladies First?


Not when it comes to NCAA Division I basketball. The men's bracket was announced Sunday, while the women's pairings came out a day later.


The men' tourney has more than a few contenders to eventually be crowned national champs, but the women's tournament is Connecticut's to lose.


However, from just down the road in Hartford, all the way to San Diego, no one is suggesting that the tournament should be cancelled and the trophy FedExed to the Huskies.


They're gonna play the games -- All 63 of them. I’ve predicted the outcome, and here's your Final Four.





The cardinal remains the only No. 1 seed to lose to a No. 16. That won't happen this year. UC Riverside will put up a fight, then fade away late. Iowa will show up, Chattanooga will run out of gas early, and Xavier doesn't shave enough talent.

Other possible Sacramento Region winners: Texas A&M, Xavier.




Is Greichaly Cepero in the building? Someone should spread the word in Lincoln that 30-1 seasons are reserved for the volleyball team. Nah, the hoops squad has paid its dues, and it'll show when the Cornhuskers fly by Northern Iowa, outlast UCLA and rout Michigan State on their way to eliminating rival Oklahoma in the regional final. Other possible Kansas City Region winners: Oklahoma, Notre Dame.



No surprise here. The Vols' first four tournament games will be in Tennessee, the first two on campus. Sure, its a 349-mile drive from Knoxville to the Pyramid, but the entire state supports this team, as Memphis regional victims Austin Peay, TCU, Baylor and Duke will find out.


Other possible Memphis Region winners: Duke, Baylor, Hartford






This is a no-brainer. Seventy-two straight wins, and they're going to start a losing streak now? Forget it.

UConn will toast Southern, beat up on Temple and breeze past Iowa State before making a mockery of the Dayton Region in the final against Florida State.


I'm not even going to bother picking a backup winner.


The Champion: Connecticut


Tennessee will give the Huskies the best game they've had in years, but still come up short in San Antonio. In the other national semifinal, it'll be out with the old, in with the new and Nebraska knocks off Stanford.


Connecticut should win the championship game by 20, but maybe a revenge match can be set up on the volleyball court.


By the way, just for fun, I flipped a coin 63 times to see what would happen. The Final Four: UC Riverside, Hartford, Kentucky and Southern, with the Wildcats beating Hartford for the championship.