MSU Tops JSU In NIT, Looks Forward To Matchup With UNC, and Stan's Talks

Brett HollowayContributor IMarch 17, 2010

Don’t know how many of you tuned in last night for MSU’s NIT match up with Jackson State, if you didn’t, well you didn’t miss much. I guess the typical way to describe this one was about the same way you could describe the match up between these two universities on the football field in 2009. How’s that? Well for the most part, it was close for a while, the more talented team tried to do a little more than they should have at times, fumbled around…oh, there was that one kid on the lesser talented team who showed out, but in the end, the cream rose to the top, and the reserves were brought in to finish the game. Sound about right? If you need a more parallel translation, State only led by 5 at one point in the 2nd half (by as much as 22 eventually); once the Tigers were within 5, the Dawgs went on a 20-5 run; the Bulldogs only hit 8 of 29 from behind the arc (good for 27%); and JSU’s Garrison Johnson stole the show, with 32 points (6-14 from 3pt); 13 different Bulldog’s got to play, and State won by 14. Hope that sums it up. The main shift in momentum took place after JSU’s Phillip Williams punched at Dee Bost’s groin (real classy). After that, Bost jump started the Dawgs the way that Phil Turner usually does.

MSU Leaders- Jarvis Varnado- 21 pts, 11 rebs, and 3 blks. Dee Bost- 18 pts, 4 rebs, 6 asst, and 3 stls. Kodi Augustus- 13 pts  and 5 rebs. State finished with 12 steals, on a not-so-bad attendance night, 4,433, considering the fact that this was a NIT game, and since students are away for Spring Break. State now focuses their attention on the UNC Tar Heels. State is 0-4 all time vs North Carolina, with all those meetings taking place in Chapel Hill. The Heels have had an inconsistent year, with quality wins over VT, Michigan State, the Ohio State University, and even Wake Forest. Even with those to brag about, the Heels were only able to sweep one ACC team this season (NC State), finished 16-16 overall, and 5-11 in conference play. A year removed from winning the Nat’l Championship, settling for the NIT isn’t what the Carolina Blue Nation expected, especially since Roy Williams was able to roster 7 McDonald’s All-Americans. UNC advanced to the 2nd round last night, after defeating William & Mary. Tar Heels Deon Thompson and Marcus Ginyard, led the way with 20 and 12 pts, respectively. NC shot 49% on the night, which was enough to top WM’s 41%. The 17-16 Heels, travel to Starkville on Saturday, to face the 24-11 Bulldogs. Should be an interesting match up.

Right after the talk had died amongst the Bulldog Nation, Rick Stansbury’s argument about John Wall’s lane violation during the final play of regulation, has stirred up some emotions once again. Coach Stans will more than likely be fined for his comments, which were as follows:  “I’ve been at this a long time, and one thing I’ve learned: At Mississippi State, you’re supposed to take it and be quiet. I had a hard time swallowing this pill because so much was at stake and my players were affected. When does the truth matter?”  Though many may call it crying or whining, the Bulldogs missed out on a call that would have more than likely sealed up State’s 4th SEC Tourney Championship. I guess its whining when a smaller, less respected fan base and team have it happen to them, rather than it sounding like someone screaming  ‘bloody murder’, from a larger fan base and more respected team. Rule 9, Sect. 1, Article 2, Part G: [Players not in a legal marked lane space shall remain behind the free throw line extended and behind the three-point field-goal line until the ball strikes the ring, flange or backboard, or until the free throw ends].

Anyway, I’m done talking about the UK game, just like Stansbury standing up for his and our Bulldogs.

Spring football starts in 6 days! I feel a personal day coming on! And have yall seen the ticket prices this year!?!