Christian Ehrhoff Re-signs with the San Jose Sharks

Rob SaccuzzoContributor IJuly 9, 2008

The San Jose Sharks on Wednesday announced the re-signing of Christian Ehrhoff. That alone should give the Teal Nation shivers down their collective spine. To make matters even worse, they signed him for three years. I wouldn't have signed him for more than a two year contract.

So, I started the day finding out we resigned Ehrhoff for an undisclosed amount for three years. I'm in a bad mood already and I carry on with my business throughout the day and I head to work. I tell my coworkers who are also Sharks fans the bad news and I get cringe after cringe after cringe as the reaction.

The question I asked myself, "Why get rid of the solid, seasoned Rivet and then resign Ehrhoff?" It doesn't make sense.

After work, I come home and I pull up Yahoo! Sports. Much to my dismay, I find out that Lord Wilson has given Ehrhoff $9.3 MILLION DOLLARS.

Many people consider San Jose a tight wallet hockey club. Just to put things in context here's a list of San Jose's salaries:

Joe Thornton Avg. Salary: $6.66 Million

Evgeni Nabokov Avg. Salary: $5.36 Million

Rob Blake Avg. Salary: $5.00 Million

Patrick Marleau Avg. Salary: $4.17 Million

Johnathan Cheechoo Avg. Salary: $3.00 Million


So it's official. Christian Ehrhoff is one of the five highest paid San Jose Sharks that have been given contracts as free agents. Is your mind blown yet?

He only had one goal last season. He only had 22 assists. Ehrhoff also registered 72 penalty minutes. I know I have a negative bias against the guy, but I would bet that most of those penalties came down a goal in the third period.

Does anyone else remember when he lost his stick and then tackled Owen Nolan with the puck in the playoffs?

He is a joke. Last year during an episode of Shark Byte, Drew Remenda asked Christian, "What is the element of your game that you need to work on the most?" Christian laughed and said, "Probably my defense."

When you only have one goal and 22 assists in a season and you think that's better than your defense, you should not be making $3.1 million dollars a year!

On the signing, General Manager Doug Wilson said, "We expect him to continue to get better and be a big contributor for this organization.”

Great! I'm so glad that Doug is excited about this. He's probably the only one aside from Ehrhoff who is probably laughing to himself while lighting a cigar with a hundred dollar bill.

When it's game seven of the Western Conference Finals against Dallas next season, and Ehrhoff puts San Jose a man down with 56 seconds left in the third period in a tie game, don't say I didn't warn you.