Three Key Things To Watch For This Spring

Peter WhiteContributor IMarch 16, 2010

Well it's finally here!! Spring ball has begun in Ann Arbor and I know many of us are anxious for the season to start. This is the first glimpse of what 2010 will look like for Michigan football. With that I give you three keys to watch for this spring.

The Quarterback position - Yes Michigan fans the No. 1 concern for Michigan has to be yet again the Qb position. The only difference this year is that we have Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson who each have a year of starting experience under there belt.

The question here is incoming recruit Devin Gardner who enrolled early and is expected to challenge possibly for the starting job. I believe that Tate is our guy clearly and that Devin should red shirt to get that year behind Tate to give them two years separation.

I've heard this guy is lights out good but I think that he has things that need work on including his mechanics. So it will depend on how he does this spring if he will see the field this fall.

Will the defense be somewhat better? - This has been a question basically every spring for the past four years I would say.

The defense was, well, I'm just gonna say it flat out inconstant last fall. There were times when they looked good and made some plays, but other times where they looked out of play and confused.

Our main problem I would say was the secondary, we had guys getting beat on pass plays etc.

The key this spring will be we need other guys to step up and fill some holes. For example Brandon Graham now I don't think that any one guy can replace him, but look for guys like Ryan Van Bergan and Anthony Lalota to maybe help fill that hole.

Now the secondary where we lost Donovan Warren. Im expecting some freshmen like Demar Dorsey and Redshirt Freshmen Jt Turner also Jt Floyd to possibly contend for CB. Although Dorsey doesn't get here till the summer but look for those other guys to battle it out.

Special Teams- We lost potentially what was probably one of the best punters in Michigan history in Zolton Mesko.

This spring red shirt freshmen Brendon Gibbens and red shirt Junior Scott Schrimscher will battle for placekicking position. While the punter void will probably be filled by incoming Freshmen Will Hagerup.

At the kickoff we should have Martavious Odoms and Je'Ron Stokes battling it out with possibly Terrance Robinson being in the mix. At punt return I would expect to see Kelvin Grady, Darryl Stouem and Possibly Roy Roundtree.