What the Hell Is Going on in the NBA Free Agency

Rizwan AlamContributor IJuly 9, 2008

Elton Brand and the poor Davis Situation

The people in the NBA have absolutely gone mad, from players to organizations, and especially the general managers and agents. This off season a lot of players have opted out of their contracts and many teams have the salary cap necessary to sign these stars.

Well, the traitor Elton Brand opted out of his contract and also made poor Baron Davis opt out and convinced him to come home to the Clippers. On Tuesday, Elton Brand made a verbal commitment to an Eastern Conference team in Philadelphia.

Besides Philly, nobody has made a good move this offseason according to me. Elton Brand gives you a guaranteed 20 ppg and 10 rpg. So this was the safest move for the Phillies to make.

But poor Davis is left out in the open. This ruins Elton Brand's image among Clipper fans and Baron Davis especially. I would suggest he also betray the Clippers and leave Clips and sing up with the Golden State Warriors.

But the real question here is why would Elton Brand leave, when Clippers had the same contract the Phillies did on the table, according to sources close to the situation?

I think he left because he knows it is much easier to win, or at least have an opportunity in the east,in contrast to the west. Also, maybe he just wanted to get away from the surroundings of L.A sports fans hating on Clippers. I

think he made the right move. Sure it was a bit selfish, but sometimes you have to concentrate on your own career rather then what others might think of you. But anyway I am so excited about Philadelphia. Finally the young guns of Philadelphia get noticed. I really think Iguodala is closest to being the next Kobe, and you can also put Brandon Roy in the conversation.

Stupid Golden State

I don't know if many people have heard it or not, but they are not willing to pay Monta Ellis ten million a year, but they are signing Maggette to a five year worth 50 mil, giving him 10 million per year.

Wow, that sure is a great move, isn't it?

I think this will ruin their franchise. It's not like Maggette brings any leadership, or a unique quality, he is just a scorer and Golden State has plenty of them. Another stupid deal the Warriors are trying to pull off is a four-year 17 million offer to Ronny Turiaf.

I love Ronny and I love my Lakers, and I am feeling sad for the Lakers, but this is another stupid move by Warriors. This guy brings his heart out in the game of basketball and fully commits himself to the team he plays for but he clearly isn't a 4 million per year guy.

The best thing for this team to consider doing is saving their cap space for the free agent market of Bosh, Wade, Melo, and James. In tha,t they can at least get Melo, a better scorer then Magette, or they can get a power forward in Bosh. Also they will be in the lottery and have a chance to get a quality guy in the heavy drafts coming up the next two years.

Milwaukee Bucks, trying to be the worst franchise in history of the NBA

Rumors say that Bucks are trying to make a huge commitment worth 72 mil and five years to a mediocre player in Andrew Bogut. Okay, so they let go of, Yi, who gets them viewers, and they want to commit to Andrew Bogut for such a hefty contract. Are they insane or what?

You finally manage to get rid of the Bobby Simmons contract, and now you are throwing money at Andrew Bogut? I just do not get it. Sure he gets you a double-double, but that is all he gives you.

Nobody knows him. He is a solid player, but not a 12 million dollars per year. Also, you should consider letting the free agents come to you, not approaching them yourself. Until now nobody has approached Bogut but the Bucks, and they are willing to give so much in first bid. Huh. And if you think he really is worth that much, then compare him to Andrew Bynum.

Dallas will not win a championship this decade

Dallas seriously needs to consider ripping apart the whole organization, and start rebuilding it. All they have are veterans with no superstar, besides Dirk the softy.

Anyway, Dallas just finished a deal worth 31 million for 5 years to DeSagana Diop, Desona who? What the hell is going on man, giving 6 mil per year to a guy who is worth 700,000 per year. Thank god Avery Johnson is saved from becoming the next Isiah Thomas, because Dallas sure looks like that it is headed towards becoming the Knicks of the west.

Smarty Lakers

Yes I am being biased here. I have to throw in my Lakers in every article I write, Go Lakers. I really hope the Lakers do not match the Warriors offer toward Turiaf. Sure he is great, but we have plenty guys like him on our team. No I am not talking about the energy, but at least we have the chemistry Turiaf brings to the team he plays for. I think we can move on without him. But please Laker, sign Sasha and lock him up.

James Posey

Signed with Cleveland Cavaliers, when he could have signed with so many other title contenders. Oh well, good luck Posey. I really like the way you work, and I have plenty respect for you, but you should have come to the Lakers.

Miami Heat sign another bench player

Sure James Jones is good, but not worth 22 mil. Miami just wasted their mid-level exception. I think they need to trade this guy and others to open cap space, to bring in Bosh to Miami when he is a free agent.

Did I leave out any insane moves going on this summer?