No Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania? A Fan's Reaction

Sharif NasrContributor IMarch 16, 2010

A warm greeting to all in the B/R community and I know we are all excited for Wrestlemania 26!  I haven’t written in a while but I just couldn’t help but think about my favorite current wrestler, Kofi Kingston.   I started watching wrestling again last year with Wrestlemania 25.  While Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels was the match of the night and possibly the greatest match I have ever seen, no one stood out more than Kofi Kingston.  Just watching him climb up a ladder that wasn’t even set was just one of those things that made my mouth drop.  Because of him alone, I decided to follow wrestling again and I never thought he would have the push that he did towards the end of 2009. 

His work with Randy Orton was epic, granted the storyline was weak but some of their matches and moments were my personal highlights of the 2009 year.  The time he destroyed Randy’s NASCAR, the match in which Mark Cuban gave the fastest 3 count ever, and the Boom Drop at Madison Square Garden.  Kofi Kingston was not only proving to everyone he had what it takes to be a main eventer, he was becoming one right in front of our eyes.  That is until…

After Sheamus won the WWE Championship, a triple threat match was set between Kofi, John Cena, and Randy Orton.  I knew Kofi wasn’t going to win but I never thought what happened would happen.  At the end of the match, it appeared Orton wanted to set up a punt to the head of Kofi.  He kept screaming “stay down, stay down,” but Kofi got up.  Orton then hit a very stiff RKO and kept yelling “stupid,” at Kofi.  Pins him for the 1,2,3 and the number one contender spot.  It is believed Orton stated Kofi is not ready for the Main Event and his push was halted a bit.  However, Kofi would still be a part of another epic match, the RAW Elimination Chamber match after Big Show got the DQ for punching the ref (very weak, but it was good to see Kofi make it).  I did not see the PPV live, but I watched highlights and read reviews.  Kofi had a great showing, hitting some of the best spots of the match, including having his head pushed through the chains while Orton choked him out.  Kofi even got one pin before being pinned himself.  So at this point, maybe Kofi would still get another push right?  I mean, Money in the Bank, where Kofi showed he could be a guy in this business, was coming up.  As of right now, there are 9 competitors and none of them are named Kofi Kingston.  What has happened?

Well, since the Triple Threat match, Kofi has botched a top rope move against the Big Show and cut both Chavo Guerrero and Batista wide open.  I know very little of what really goes on behind the closed door of the locker room, but we can all assume that the two things other wrestlers won’t put up with are botched moves and injuring your fellow wrestler.

Nothing would make me happier than to see Kofi doing ANYTHING at Wrestlemania, I would love to see him in Money in the Bank or even interfere with a match, but it appears he will be staying home.

This article is a plea, a plea to WWE to not bury this guy.  He has made mistakes and if they are his fault then he should be punished.  During this time of year, there is no bigger punishment that missing Wrestlemania.  After that though, continue the push!  He has such great athletic ability and his mic skills aren’t the worst in the world.  He gets pops from the fans and proved he can be a part of a main event story line.  He is just too valuable of a performer to keep in mid card hell, but if you have to set an example, I will not argue.

If I could say something to Kofi himself I would say I am still behind you.  It’s possible the guys in the back are down on you right now.  They might hit their moves a little harder than normal and are trying to prove a point, but don’t get down.  Like all things, this will pass and you will be at a level your fans know you can be.

Now I don’t normally do this, but I did think of a decent story line that is building up.  What if Kofi Kingston was  put in Money in the Bank? (I do know the odds of this are probably at 1000 to 1)  He has the second most likely chance of cashing it in that night (Christian cashing against Edge is probably just too awesome to pass up) if Batista were to retain. 

John Cena and Batista battle in an epic match, hard hitting moves left and right.  Both more are exhausted, Cena goes for the Attitude Adjuster and nails it, but Batista rolls out of the ring.  Cena goes to battle outside but Batista spears him outside the ring, throws him back in the ring for a Batista Bomb, 1,2,3.  Instead of Batista’s music hitting, we see Kofi Kingston run out with the briefcase he just won.  Runs into the ring and nails the Trouble in Paradise followed by the Boom Drop, 1, 2, 3 Kofi Kingston is your new WWE Champion.

Kofi comes out the next night on RAW and thanks the fans for being behind him and lets everyone knows he is the real deal.  Batista comes into the ring and starts saying he is just like Cena, stealing the spot light away from him when he truly deserves it.  This leads to a match at the next PPV, Batista vs. Kofi Kingston, First Blood Match.