Caesar Cliffius' Boxing Wish List

Cliff Eastham@RedsToTheBoneSenior Writer IIMarch 16, 2010

Boxing has been dubbed "The Sweet Science.. Ever wonder what is so sweet about it?

I don't particularly think it is sweet, but it is one of my favorite sports. I hate it that big money has taken it over and is driving it on a dangerous road.

I always wondered why the scoring was so secretive, know what I mean? It is the only real sport where you can't look up and see what the score is, or even who is ahead.

I think it was experimented with but left to die in the desert dust.

With that as a background I want to give you my wish list for boxing.


No. 5

I wish they would post the judges scores at the end of each round.

No. 4

I wish they didn't have to have a PR tour with every mega fight. It gets old and tired, you become worn out with them before the fight even gets near.


No. 3

I wish to see unification of all the different organizations. It is not cool to have four or five Welterweight champions. What's up with that?


No. 2

I wish to call and end to the light and super weight classes. There is currently 17 weight classes. Featherweight today, Junior Lightweight this afternoon. Totally ridiculous. Wouldn't a Junior Middleweight be the same as a Super Welterweight? Just sayin'. In 1924 there was nine weight classes.


No. 1

I wish I knew how Max Kellerman got as far as he has in boxing broadcasting.


Chew on those for a while and more food for thought will follow later.


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