Freddy's Dead?: Why Fred Lewis Should Make The 2010 Giants Roster

Dexter Woods JrContributor IMarch 16, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 28:  Fred Lewis of the San Francisco Giants poses during media photo day on February 28, 2010 at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Ive always been a Giants fan. All my family is born and raised in San Francisco, so I was forced into loving the Gigantes. But one certain instance above the rest, turned me from fan into fiend.

Not Bonds signing in 1993. Not the team moving into AT&T Park . Not the World Series in 2002. Not even Bonds breaking Ruth and Aaron's records. It was Mother's Day, May 13th, 2007.

I remember watching the game with my older brother and wondering where Barry Bonds was. My brother went on to explain, Bonds doesn't play everyday anymore and that they had a "young guy" in for him today. He explained that this "young guy" was supposed to be pretty good and he could take over for Bonds in left field. All of this was quite intriguing to me, not to mention Matt Cain was pitching and I knew who he was.

So during this game, I continued to look out for only 1 player, the "young guy". Not much into the game, this young guy's name was heard and never forgotten. It was Fred Lewis . A very ordinary name and a very un-ordinary day. The 1st time I sat down and watched a whole "regular" baseball game in years probably. And the young unknown dude hits for the cycle .

I wanted more. I always loved Barry Bonds, and watching his possible replacement's 1st big game hooked me. From that day on, Ive been a Freddy fan, through all the ups and downs. Fred Lewis is the reason why I am a die-hard Giants fan.

And since that great day, things have been gradually going down for the great Fred Lewis. But I still have hope. Just a corner swig of hope in the Fred Lewis flavored Snapple bottle. And no matter how well he does this spring, I think the bottle will dry up come April.

Every article I read is saying Freddy is pretty much a done deal on the Giants and will be waived before the season starts. Making room for A-oo-Henny and Andres Torres . I'm not dogging them out, but frankly Freddy is better.

I'm not a baseball stat genius at all, and I'm not a crazed fan like Robert Deniro in The Fan . But I know Fred Lewis is a much better player than those other two. Velez had a hot streak last year and that's it. Torres had good defense in center and is speedy player. But Freddy has one thing no other player had last year. Plate Discipline.

Maybe a tad too much plate discipline. Yes he strikes out alot, but he also gets on base alot. And he can steal bases. Two things the Giants desperately need, because Aaron Rowand is not a real lead-off hitter.

And yes I know his defense is at times, a bit on the wtf-side. I have faith that those things can be improved, especially after reading what Henry Schulman wrote about him this morning. He says, he has worked with hitting coach Henry Meulens and is altering his stance to strikeout less.

Maybe I'm crazy for thinking that Fred Lewis can rebound from last season to become the greatest left fielder since the greatest left fielder. They will probably cut him and A-oo will have a .900 OPS. Whatever the case, I can thank the great Fred Lewis for getting me hooked on the Giants. Until, the decision is made public though, Ill be listening to this on replay .