A Hatred For The Phillies!

Chris RodriguezContributor IMarch 15, 2010

  As a Mets fan who lives 40 minutes from the Sports Complex in Philadelphia, it is painful listening  to the Phillies faithful day in and day out talk about the collapses, The unassisted triple play, and worst of all the back to back appearances in the World Series that produced a World Championsip in Philly.

  In the 1990's it was the Braves. The team that the Mets just couldn't beat.I hated the Braves. Like many other Mets Fans I hated Larry " Chipper" Jones, John Rocker and that God-awful Tomahawk Chop. Rivalries and hatred for another team makes the season exciting.Trash talk and back and forth arguments over whose team is better makes beating that team the greatest feeling in the world and makes losing to that team make you wanna call out of work.

  As far as the Mets-Phillies rivalry goes, I live surrounded by nothing but Philles fans who constantluy remind me of the last 3 years.I see Jimmy Rollins jerseys on everyones back and Ryan Howard bobble-head dolls on everyones desk.A trip to the store with my Mets hat on stirs up "Mets suck-Phillies suck" banter.There is nothing I want more than for the day to come where the Mets win the East and I can rub it in every phillies fan's face(and Yankees fans).

  Spring training is here and I am confident that the Mets will be the champs of the NL East in 2010,(just as I have been for the last 3 years) and I am letting every Phillies fan know it.Even without Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran in our opening day lineup we will still field a better team in 2010 than the injury riddled team in 2009. Ollie Perez and Mike Pelfrey have not had horrible spring trainings(Not great ones either) but look better than 2009 and are in reportedly the best shape of thier careers.

  The over/under on Reyes and Beltran according to Joe and Evan On NY's WFAN radio show is June 1st.However reports of a mid April return for Beltran and a May 1st return for Reyes give a better optimism to Mets fans.Either way i am ready for the season to begin and ready for my feelings of  hatred of the Phillies to turn into an opportunity to for once be the one who is hated in Philly.