S.O.S.!!! The Rise and Fall Of Kofi Kingston

Chuck RoseContributor IMarch 15, 2010


What has happened to Kofi Kingston?

A little over a year ago he appeared to be the next rising star of the WWE, and as of right now he doesn't even have a match in Wrestlemania. He brings high energy to the ring and is definately "over" with the crowd.

He has proven he can carry his end in a fued. Last year's fued with Randy Orton was very good. From costing Randy the world title, vandalizing his car, and the all out brawl on Raw he proved that he has what it takes out of the ring. Up until the Orton fued I never could take Kofi seriously.

Then at E.C. he put on a great show, in the limited time he was in the match he hit several moves, and I have to admit even though I knew it was worked I couldn't help but cringe when Orton put his head in the chamber. I felt his pain as Randy attempted to choke him out.

Now his list of accomplishments are pretty good considering his short time with the company.

1 time World Tag Team Champion

1 time U.S. Champion

1 Time Intercontinental Champion

Honestly thats not too bad for a guy that has been in the WWE for only 2-3 years.

Honestly though I have to say it bugs me that in the biggest event of the year he doesn't even have a match. No doubt Evan Bourne will bring it in MITB, but to place him in over Kofi just doesn't seem right. MVP? What has this guy done lately but job to The Miz and he hasn't even done much of that as of late. And while I have the utmost respect for Kane I do believe his time has passed us by and at this point Kofi is more deserving.

I can think of a couple reasons why he seems to have stalled. Maybe the timing isn't right and they're saving him for a huge push post-mania. Maybe he is hiding an injury, which makes sense as he hasn't done much ring work lately. Or maybe a few missed spots here and there, but the is the risk a high-flier takes.

Who knows? The WWE could have a surprise for us in the next couple weeks or at Mania itself as they are already up to nine people in the MiTB. Whats one more.

I'm not asking for "Now making his way to the ring, from Ghana, weighing in at 221 pounds....you World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston!" I just want Kofi to be a bit more relevant and to have a spot on the biggest stage of them all.