Awaiting word from the No Hit League (NHL)

Mark ButerbaughSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2010

The Washington capitals are being proactive when it comes to the push of Alexander Ovechkin on Chicago's Brian Campbell.  The Capos have formally asked the No Hit League (NHL) to rescind the major penalty on Ovechkin.  Unlikely. 

In fact, Bob McKenzie from TSN thinks Ovechkin will be suspended.   Kukla's JKorner thinks it will look bad if the No Hit League does notsuspend Ovechkin.  I beg to differ.  I think the NHL wouldlook silly suspending Ovechkin while head hunter Matt Cooke gets nothing. 

Ryan Kennedy's latest from The Hockey News believe the right call was made during the game. 

I can understand if Chicago fans want Ovie suspended, but I think the refs at the game handed out the perfect justice (though as a side note, I think I heard a couple NBC execs shriek when the marquee player in their Game of the Week was booted midway through the first period).

But suspension.  No. 

Ryan Lambert doesn't think so.  He thinks Caps fans are wrong.

But really, a play like this, and subsequent defense of it from Caps fans (hint: when you're on Mike Milbury's side of an argument, you're on the wrong side) is unconscionable. Someone's going to get seriously hurt one of these days, and it's going to put everyone -- especially Colin Campbell -- in a tough spot.

I will agree on the Milbury part.  But come on Ryan, go back and look at it.  It was a push, it was in the side, and Campbell stumbled.  Get over the Ovie hate.  Sorry.  I have watched the video over, over, and over again.  It was a push.  It was a fall by Campbell.  Is the NHL becomeing a NFL style protect the quarterback at all costs, even when a player is in mid-air trying to get the QB and a roughing the passer call ensues?