Paper Clips: Bent Out Of Shape Indefinitely

Tim LeeCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2008

How long will the Clippers wait before they decide to give up on being Los Angeles's "other" (second) NBA team?

New Jersey has its share of rivalry to New York, which will only further if/when they move to Brooklyn. The Texas Triangle (San Antonio, Dallas, Houston) have their share of rivalries amongst themselves too. Even Sacramento and Golden State share some local rivalry.

But the Clippers aren't considered anything to their same-town rivals in Laker-land. In fact, they seem more like an afterthought.

Kobe dissed them when he was offered big money. Ray Allen dissed them when he was offered big money.

Heck, Cassell asked to them to buy him out, so he could pick up his token championship ring under the belts of Garnett, Pierce and Allen, all after he had only one season of a successful run with the Clips.

So much for building on things.

And finally, Brand dissed the Clips today, when he was offered big money and a better chance of winning in Philly.

Brand: the one guy who the Clippers could call their own, and who wore the Clipper name proudly while he was there.

It's bad enough that the Clippers have to share the same arena (The Staples Center) with the Lakers.

They can't even hold on to their best players. Never could and never will.

The only people they're getting to come over are those that bite on deals that no other teams would give (Davis $65 million over 5 years), or by matching signings on restricted free agents (what kept Brand there last time, after signing with the Miami Heat).

It's time to stop living in the shadow of the Lake show, and move on.

Until the Clippers move to a new town (San Diego, Seattle, or wherever it may be), they won't ever be a team that can build a rivalry, a winning attitude and a true fan base.

A fan base that doesn't solely include "any LA residents who hate the Lakers" or just want cheaper arena tickets than the Lakers have to offer.

Welcome to the state of the NBA in Los Angeles.

It's time for Sterling to establishing roots elsewhere and create a new Clipper-Land and a new vision that separates them from the L.A. crowd that expects more and already has "theirs".

If they stay in L.A., what will ever save them?