The Minnesota Vikings Offseason Could Start to Get Interesting

Andy RAnalyst IMarch 15, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - AUGUST 25:  Flag runners of the Minnesota Vikings run up field against the Baltimore Ravens on August 25, 2006 at the H.H.H. Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by David Sherman/Getty Images)
David Sherman/Getty Images

News today broke out that LaDainian Tomlinson has chosen his team for the 2010 NFL season, but it won't be with the Vikings.

Tomlinson agreed to a multi-year deal with the New York Jets today. Tomlinson would likely get more touches in the Jets' offense than he would have with the Vikings anyway. After all, the starting job in New York isn't set quite yet. The same can't be said for the Vikings.

There was an abundance to 30-plus year old running backs in free agency this season. Chester Taylor, Thomas Jones, Larry Johnson (soon enough), and Tomlinson have all found homes. There is still one big name out there that the Vikings should have interest in.

Brian Wesktbrook's career has been riddled with injuries, mostly in his knees. Last season's problems were concussions. Westbrook doesn't plan to retire and still has some gas left.

Westbrook is perhaps one of the best running backs in the league out of the backfield. He's made a career out of lining up anywhere on the field. That versatility could be useful for a Vikings team that lost star backup Chester Taylor to the rival Chicago Bears.

No team has shown interest in signing the former Philly star, so he should come at a reasonable price. After all, Westbrook spent a few seasons with current Vikings head coach Brad Childress when Childress was an offensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

The current crop of backup running backs on the Vikings squad doesn't look too promising. While Albert Young played in a few games last season, I don't know if he's capable of carrying the torch from Adrian Peterson on third downs.

The Vikings should be making a move on Westbrook soon. There's no doubt that some team will ultimately sign the aging running back. Hopefully the Vikings will make an attempt at getting Westbrook.

Aside from the backup running back situation, the Vikings are slowly regrouping for the upcoming season.

Backup defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy drew quite a bit of interest from several teams around the league, but his heart led him back to Minnesota.

With an aging Pat Williams playing in front of him, Jimmy Kennedy saw a lot of time in 2009 and figures to do even more in 2010. Kennedy's multi-year deal will likely have him starting next to Kevin Williams in 2011.

Kennedy is a very valuable backup who has sort of rejuvanted his career in Minnesota. After being drafted in the first round behind Kevin Williams in 2003, Kennedy fell off the map, spending time for numerous teams before finally settling in Minnesota.

Then there's the Ray Edwards fiasco. Rumors starting spreading that the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in acquiring the young defensive end.

The Vikings put a first-round tender on Edwards instead of a first and third-round tender. One has to wonder if the Vikings had this planned all along.

The Vikings have Brian Robison sitting on the bench just waiting for his chance. Robison came in on passing situations for Pat Williams on numerous occasions and offered Jared Allen and Ray Edwards a breather every now and then. He could soon find his chance to shine.

If the Eagles are serious about acquiring Edwards, the Vikings would get their first-round draft selection and have the opportunity to strengthen their biggest weakness from last season, the offensive line.

While the deal seems unlikely to take place, it could end up being a win-win situation for the Vikings.

On one hand, they get a guy that dominated the left side of a star-studded defensive line.

On the other hand, they give Robison the opportunity to shine and draft an interior lineman to take over for a mediocre John Sullivan (less likely) or Anthony Herrera (more likely).

Finally there's Brett Favre.

The Vikings are giving Favre all the time he needs, but I think a decision could be coming in the next couple of weeks. Regardless of what Favre does, the Vikings are going to draft a quarterback. Who and in what round are the key questions though.

The next month could get rather interesting. Keep tuned in Vikings fans. A slow offseason could be but a short memory.