Why Paquiao Isn't Ready For Mayweather: Or Ever Will Be.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2010

After praying to the omnipoten pugilist gods to grant me that precious time of my life that I wasted watching last night's dud. I must admit not all was lost. Ladies and Gentleman I would like to expose this farce of a fight that is being hyped of as something way bigger than what it is.

This fight came of to me as staged, I don't know is it me but doesn't a boxer that has been fighting long as Clottey know that in order to beat the champ, you have to BEAT THE CHAMP.

Which mean's while throwing over a thousand punches is absurd, only throwing nearly four hundred is equally absurd if your landing percentage is only seven points better than your opponent.

This brings me to Mayweather it seems as if this fight was set up to discourage Mayweather from fighting his defenseive style and picking his shots.

Most boxing analyst will have you believe that this ws a landslide victory for Pac-Man. However after all that punching when the smoke clears he only landed more because he threw twice as many.

He was not accurate at all, to the natural eye it looked as if Paquiao was destroying him but according to the numbers Pac- Man threw 1,231 and only landed a astonishing 246.

That isn't brilliaint that is awful, he cannot beat Mayweather at that rate unless the public is fooled into thinking that this was a note worthy performance, which at any rate with ESPN leading the charge they are effectively doing. 

With the emergence of MMA style fighting the pubic will be more inclince to see two boxers wildly swinging the whole fight and hitting nothing then seeing a classical rendtion, two boxers counter punching, manuvering and out smarting each other.

Am I saying that Pac-Man didn't deserve to win of course not at the end of the day he landed more shots then Clottey 246 to 108. 

The amount of punches thrown by each tells the story 1,231 to 399 Clottey was by far the more accurate, surprsingly at the end of the fight it looked as if Clottey had won with Pac-Man's face being swollen and his eye being completely shut.

For what is worth this fight proved a couple things worth noting, Clottey did not come to win the title nor did he try why he showed up to the fight no one but Bob Arnum and Pac-Man knows the genuine answer to that question.

It proved that Paquiao has a highlevel for endurance but it also proves that he isn't nearly as accuarate as he should be considering the hype he recieves.

Last but not least it proves that Paquiao is not or never will be ready for the excellence of Floyd MayWeather Jr.