Our Cardinals In 2010!!

Tom MarquisContributor IMarch 14, 2010

OK has we come to 21 days 22 hours and 2 mins till "OPENING DAY...which is where the countdown clock is at the time this blog was written. I thought it would be a could time to take a peak into the 2010 season.

Of course no denying the birdhouse has several elephants in the room...SO lets talk obvious for a second. well in January Mark McGwire admitted Jan. 11 that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade, including during the 1998 season when he broke the then single-season home run record. Say it isn't so BIG MAC...sadly it is so. We have to deal with it, and the Cardinal GM John Mozeliak says it is water under the bridge and the media circus is over.

I believe McGwire can teach and can be a great asset to to the club. I also Tony La Russa, his manager  for most of his careerist belies the same.

OK elephant number 2 the "REDBIRDS" took a Holiday over the off season..Please welcome to the stage Mr. Matt Holiday!!! A glance at the 2009 season for Holiday











This is however is a great deal for the 2010 Redbirds....and oh so bad for that team with th "IVY" oh did I say that out loud. Yes I know stats have been inflated since Matt was a Rockie, but in my book one word comes to mind "SLUGGER"

Holiday was traded to the Club from Oakland..their loss our gain...Matt Holiday signed a seven year, $120 million deal. Now thats an expensive "Holiday". Plus he is a pretty good defensive outfielder.

Teaming up with Prince Albert  means more than getting the one side of the cube one color it means the rubiks cube has been solved when you factor in Molina,Ludwick,Jaimie Garcia and Kyle McClellan.

Pitching still looks good as the two aces Carpenter and Wainright are staying put for another year. The bullpen has not changed from last year, and that is a good thing.

So over all we are shaping up for a great season in 2010. I am sure that those "Cubbies" will be in hot pursuit. Thats OK I love the rivalry as my wife is a Cubs fan and half my facebook friends...but thats a another blog for another day

Well i hope your following the "GRAPEFRUIT"....thanks for stopping by. not forget to follow this blog and tell all your friends neighbors, relatives about the pecking order. If you have something to contribute let me know...who love to feature some guest writers.