James Toney Joined UFC to Shut Dana White Up

Gerald Ng@geraldngkkContributor IIMarch 19, 2017

Marc Serota/Getty Images

James Toney was a guest on the recent Inside MMA show on HDNet. While on the show, he made several comments regarding the differences between boxing and MMA, and the reason why he joined MMA.

One of the more surprising comments he made regarded his new found employment under the Ultimate Fighting Championship Banner. When quizzed on the reason why he wanted to join the UFC, his reply would definitely shock you. "Dana had made a suggestion that MMA fighters are better than boxers at their boxing at times. So I said, put your money where your mouth is. I'll fight anyone you got."

He also said that he doesn't expect to be taken down, and that boxing is way tougher a sport than MMA.

His comments seem to show an ego overinflated by a boxing community who encourages overconfidence. It's also shocking considering how he stalked Dana White from event to event, begging for a job. It's not exactly a healthy situation to go into a new employment with the aim of proving your new boss wrong.

With the recent news that Randy Couture and Rich Franklin are set to face each other, the Randy Couture vs James Toney rumor can now be put to rest. Kimbo Slice, another rumoured opponent, is set to fight Matt Mitrione. Which leaves James Toney without a prospective opponent.

With recent revelations, the notion that Dana White and Joe Silva will put Toney against lesser fighters to build up his career can also be put to rest as well. Dana White would want to prove Toney wrong and pull one over the boxing community. My next article would chronicle possible opponents for James Toney. So stayed tuned!