Pacquiao Gave Clottey No Chance In Hell

Miss AnnieAnalyst IMarch 14, 2010

After another amazing victory, Manny Pacquiao proved once again why he is the “Pound for Pound The Best Fighter in the World.” The Seven Time World Champion in seven different weight classes is unquestionably "The Very Best in the World at What He Does" right now.  (Sorry, Chris Jericho fans).

In a grueling 12 round match, Pacquiao not only showed his mad skills but his ability to stay focused and to stay in the game.  He kept his head and stuck with the game plan, and threw Clottey off of any plans he might have had.  That plan I think is to keep Pacquiao working until he tires before he opens up in a flurry, which is very typical in his game.

Too bad for him, he was facing the energizer bunny.  Manny just kept going…and going…and going… Yeah, you get the picture.

That strategy I think was really Joshua Clottey’s unmaking.  Like in any sport, you can’t win it with just defense.  Especially not when your corner has been telling you to take chances and go for it, and you won’t listen.

But, yes, it takes two to tango.  So along with that reason, Pacquiao didn’t really give him any chance in hell to execute their plans.  He was at the best shape and condition for the match.  Waiting for him to get tired within 12 rounds of non-stop boxing and shuffling when he trained like he was in an actual match for 30 rounds or so, you should know it’s not going to happen.

Another failure on Clottey’s side is you have to be able to change your game on your toes.  He waited and waited for something to happen and never changed his stance. 

A funny thing happened in the 4th round: Manny hit him with both fists at the same time at either side of his head.  He got a warning for it, sure. But that shows you that you need to think of ways to get to your opponent.  Clottey had a very tight defense.  Pacquiao tries to go to the right, and gets blocked. He tries to go to the left, and he gets blocked.  Why not try both at the same time?

I didn’t even know that was illegal.  I’ve never seen anyone do it, so I had no idea.

On the 7th round, Manny handed Joshua a barrage of punches that rocked him.  You can see the difference with regards to the fighters’ stamina by then.  Pacquiao was still bouncing on his foot, and Joshua was half dragging his feet already.  That was another factor.  And I think that was when Joshua actually started using his wily tactics like head butting and using his elbows.

I will give Clottey this though; he has a very heavy punch.  I can see Manny getting rocked, but he takes too few shots.  He only ever really did a number of consecutive shots in the first few seconds of the 11th round.  But that was met punch for punch and more by Manny.

So, again, I stick to my title to sum up this match. Manny gave Joshua NO CHANCE IN HELL.

Well…Floyd…whatcha gonna do now?

Originally posted at FTS Sports Writing