TNA: Impact React Volume Nine

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2010

Welcome welcome to the ninth edition of TNA "Impact React", it's your source for all the news and rumors inside TNA wrestling.

I want to apologize for the short edition this week but I've been incredibly busy planning for a trip. With that said it was actually a pretty light week for news so let's hop into it.


Thoughts on iMPACT

I don't normally discuss iMPACT because others on here do articles about it but it was an important one for the company and I did watch it. I thought as a whole, it was pretty solid.

I thought it had a very strong first hour but started to go downhill during the second hour. Some of the booking was very questionable and I would have done things quite differently.

Some of it I felt built on things but other parts left a bad taste in my mouth. The whole RVD thing just bombed.

Hogan missed his cue which caused the segment to be drawn out way beyond it accomplishing anything. They ended up with a huge beatdown on RVD that made him seem sort of bad in my opinion.

I'm guessing that RVD will be a part of the whole Flair-Hogan-Sting deal but right now you can only guess. Jeff Hardy being brought in to go against AJ Styles which should please the fans isn't a bad thing.

Obviously they want us to forget about Hardy attacking Homicide on Jan. 4. Hardy's re-debut with the company was botched thanks to TNA going over their allotted time. However, they should be able to recover unless they really drop the ball.

The ratings were something much talked about this past week. I don't know what people expected but they seemed like TNA should have scored much higher than they were all of a sudden.

They went up against the biggest wrestling show on TV during the build to their biggest PPV of the year. I'd say a 1.0 rating against that wasn't bad. This isn't a war between the two companies, TNA might want you to think, that but this is not WCW against the WWF.

TNA has a lot of kinks to work out on Monday nights so don't get all excited or disappointed just yet. Give it a month or so and see how they utilize TV building to Lockdown .

People read way too much into the ratings. Just be happy that you have a choice now on Monday nights and stop being too critical over which show was better.


RVD On The Road

Surprisingly RVD will be working upcoming house shows for TNA. RVD has long stated that he does not want to be on the road full time but TNA has apparently convinced him to do some shows away from TV and PPV's.

RVD will be on the upcoming Georgia house shows. Any dates beyond that where he will be appearing have not been made public.


TNA No Longer on Thursday

With the full time shift to Monday nights for TNA, the company will no longer be airing a replay of iMPACT on Thursday nights.

This past week the replay pulled in basically the same rating that the live Monday night iMPACT did. Whether it was people tuning in to see twice or some not realizing that the show was on Monday's now isn't known.

TNA will run a movie during the former iMPACT slot this week. Though with TNA still drawing a big number on Thursday's, it's a bit strange that SPIKE wouldn't just leave it be to gain more viewers.

They could air lots of advertisements to get people interested in their other programming. If they leave the slot open for now with just movies, maybe TNA could add a second show into the mix.


Hardy And Styles

The plan right now is for Jeff Hardy to begin a program with AJ Styles. This is interesting because AJ's next two opponents in big PPV matches are not Jeff Hardy.

Styles has Abyss at Destination X and D'Angelo Dinero at Lockdown . TNA really needs to build interest in these, or they will not to the buy rate expected of them.

Hardy is a name, yet an unreliable one. It may be a sign of TNA not having 100 percent confidence in a man with pending legal issues. However, that does not excuse them from pushing him over your two top contenders for AJ's belt.

It's sloppy booking at the least, but perhaps Hardy being featured in a key role at the top of the card will bring in viewers.


Sting's Shoulder

Sting will be working a somewhat limited style in the ring as he has reported shoulder issues. Sting was not involved in a full-blown match this past week and I expect that to be the case for the time being.

TNA needs him healthy if he will be a big part of the Hulk Hogan saga going on right now in the main event scene.


That's it for this week. Again I apologize for the light article but I'll be back next week with lots more opinion, news, and rumors involving TNA. I hope you enjoyed the article and as always please leave a comment with your thoughts. Have a great week, everyone!