Enough of the Pro Wrestling Bashing

Ryan Senior Writer IJuly 9, 2008

It's funny in life that certain things, because of their background or pre-conceived notions, can receive a bad label in life for no reason.  Labels like "idiotic", "redneck" and "pathetic".

Such is the life of a wrestling fan.

Throughout my life, I've always been a quiet fan of the "sport" and don't mention my allegiance until someone else makes theirs known.  I'll even admit that it's a bit embarrassing to be a wrestling fan at times because of the negative perception it gets.

Then again, why should it have to be embarassing? What's the difference between wrestling and a soap opera? Both have comically bad acting and borderline ridiculous stories, but why is wrestling seen as being for hicks and morons?

I personally watch for several reasons.  I've watched since I was a tyke. I have a fond remembrance of the "Attitude Era" and hope days like that would come back.  I enjoy the incredible athleticism it takes to perform.  And, at times, I enjoy the storylines.

One of the biggest reasons is that I admire the punishment the performers put themselves through for the entertainment of the fans.  Don't tell me that wrestling is "fake". 

Tell Steve Austin and his degenerative neck that.  Tell Bret Hart his post-concussion syndrome is fake. Tell Sid Vicious that his leg didn't really break and bend completely backwards.

Now, I'm from upstate New York. I don't have a southern drawl. I don't think the action or stories are real and I sure as hell don't breed with my relatives. Yet somehow, all wrestling fans are hicks and morons.  Perhaps the truly pathetic are those who make fun of that which they don't accept.

Face facts here people: every sport has it's morons who will cheer.  Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, track & field, badminton. You name it and there are stupid fans supporting the sport.   But there are also intelligent, caring and passionate fans.

Honestly, there isn't a need for the bashing if you don't enjoy it. I understand that most people don't like it and that's fine, but what gives you the right to verbally defecate on someone simply because they do enjoy it?

It seems as if all the bashers have a bit of growing up to do.  And that's the bottom line....well, you know.