Money In The Bank For Captain Charisma?

sam gContributor IMarch 12, 2010

I can’t believe that we  are about to witness the 6th edition of the Money in The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania. Seems like it was just yesterday when Y2J came up with the concept and Edge walked out of Wrestlemania 21 as the first Mr. Money in The Bank.

Since then, MITB has become a tradition of sorts. Just like the Undertaker’s undefeated streak, MITB has become an integral part of Wrestlemania.

Every year one of the participants of the MITB walks out of Wrestlemania with the opportunity of a lifetime. The winner is virtually guaranteed to win the world/wwe title whenever he decides to cash in the briefcase.

So far, every time the MITB briefcase has been cashed in, we’ve had a new champion! Edge (2 times, although just a one time MITB winner), RVD and C M Punk (2 times) won the title by cashing in their MITB briefcases at the appropriate times.

Now, with the 6th edition of MITB about to take place, let’s look at what possibilities do we have on our hands, shall we?

Till now, this is the scenario for this year’s MITB match: Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane  vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne.

There have been rumors that Kofi Kingston and Drew Mcintyre may be included and we may get a 10 person match up.

But putting the rumors aside, we have a hell of a match on our hands already!  

We have Kane and we have Evan Bourne, two guys who are diamatrically opposite in their in ring abilities and the character they portray. Sadly, the fact is that Kane is way past his prime and his career has taken a nosedive to oblivion since his unmasking.

Bourne on the other hand seems to be a victim of the fact that he lacks the size that is required to reach the main event status in the WWE. You can expect a great showing from Bourne at Wrestlemania and he’ll probably be the highlight of the match itself!

Any which way, I can’t see these two winning the MITB match.

Then we have MVP and Matt Hardy!

Once part of the Smackdown roster, these two superstars had a great fued over the United States title. I have lost all hopes of seeing Matt being elevated to the main event status in the WWE and sadly, when it comes to a career in the WWE MVP seems to be following Matt Hardy’s footsteps.

So essentialy, these two are out as well.

Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler!

Two great prospects who were being built beautifully last year, when all of a sudden WWE decided to drop the ball on these two young athletes. Dolph is completely out of the IC title contention and there is no way in hell he’ll be winning the MITB match! Ditto with Swagger. His case is even worse than Ziggler. From being the face of ECW he has now been relegated to the status of a jobber to the superstars on Raw. Too bad, too bad!

Shelton Benjamin! Probably the most underrated superstar in the WWE. Benjamin had world title written all over him when he made his debut in the WWE way back in 2002. He got some decent pushes but never made it out of the upper middle card status.

Fortunately though, unlike Matt hardy, I see a bright future ahead for him. He has had decent reigns as both the IC and the US champion and he’ll most definitely win the big one some day.( I hope the day comes sooner rather than later)

His time will definitely come, and we’ll definitely be getting a great showing on his part at the granddaddy of ‘em all just like the past 5 years. However, he’ll have to wait (unfortunately)

This brings us to the only logical winner of this year’s MITB match
: Christian!

His moment of glory has finally come! The only saving grace of Shelton Benjamin not winnig the MITB match this year will be Captian Carisma’s victory.

The prospects and the possibilities of Christian winning the MITB are humongous. In case Edge manages to grab the world title from Y2J, we might even see Christian cashing in his MITB right then and there, against his “brother”, Edge!

Wow! Won’t that make a great storyline. We could have possibly the best three performers in the WWE in Edge, Christian and Y2J fueding over the world title over the next few months.

Add C M Punk and John Morrison to the equation and you have a line up of dream matches. It will be something similar to what we witnessed with Edge , Jeff Hardy and Punk, may be even better than that!

It’s been a very long road that Christian has travelled to reach here. He should have been the main eventer for some time now.

Anyways, it’s good to see that the WWE has finally decided to give Christian his moment of glory!

A proud moment for all the peeps around the world indeed.

So there you have it, this year’s MITB winner, Christian. Hope the WWE doesn’t screw this up.

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