Solid Fight Card With an Interesting Main Event To Hit Massachusetts

David KuzminskiContributor IMarch 12, 2010

      As shocking and bizzare as it may be, the former 5 time World's Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski, and the anterior 2 time UFC heavyweight champion, Tim Sylvia, will headline an expected solid card in Worcester, Massachusetts on the 21st of May.


      The card will be co-promoted by Korean based organization, Moosin, by Eric "Butterbean" Esch, and by Corey Fischer. It'll be the first major MMA organization to hit Massachusetts. Corey Fischer, stated that, “The UFC is coming here in August and they’re going to have a hard gate to beat. I think this fight card will be better than what they’re bringing.” Another confirmed bout on the card is Seth Petruzelli vs Houston Alexander, Rich Clementi and Yves Edwards are also signed to the card.

      If you ask me, there are to be some interesting bouts on this card, but the one that strikes me the most is obviously the Pudzianowski vs Sylvia bout. Personally I think Mariusz Pudzianowski's strength will overwhelm the depleading Tim Sylvia. What's and 80,000 pound plane to a 300 pound man? Mariusz has a KSW 13 bout scheduled for May 7, so that 2nd career fight will help him with experience, and it'll help him try out some of the things he was taught in his past months of intense training. The Mainiac, has lost 4 of his last 6 scraps, one of those loses coming to a 48 year old boxer in his 1st MMA bout, but Sylvia does have PLENTY of experience and he does have heavy hands which will test The Domininator's question mark chin.

      If I was in Pudz's corner, I would tell him to try and stand for a bit to test the water, and right at the moment he feels that things aren't the way they should be, he should easily just pick up and bear hug Sylvia with his 277 pound body,  slam him to the mat, and just pound on him until the ref launches himself to stop the punishment.

      If I was in Tim Sylvia's corner, I would definetly advise him to try to keep the fight standing and to utilize his 86 inch reach.

      Standing, Tim Sylvia has the advantage with is evolutionized boxing and his larger reach and height. But Pudz does have an amature boxing backround and he is a 4th degree green belt in kyrokushin karate, which is also practiced by Georges St. Pierre. Plus if he lands one decent shot with his 400 pound rock holding hands, more likely then not, the one who eats the shot is lights out.

      Belive it or not, Mariusz does have the ground advantage here. His camp brings in Polish Oylmpic Heavyweight wrestlers, and Mariusz dominates them with sheer strength, plus submitting Pudzian is like trying to submit a bear. He has no neck to choke, straightening his limps will be like trying to deform cement with your bare hands.

      Here is the big question mark for both individuals. How much gas do they have in the tank? Tim has been coming into fights overweight and he has been called out on his cardio many times. While Mariusz has big muscles which need more oxygen which will make him more tired over the course of a fight. But I can tell you that WSM is more then a bunch of meatheads lifting heavy things. You can see the link below to see for yourself, it takes plenty of cardio and endurance along with a killer instinct that is unlike any other, which Mariusz posses.

      And for all of you who are going to come state that Pudz is a roid monkey and that he won't pass a drug test, he has't don't any preformance enhancing drugs since he retired from WSM, so he'll be clean.

      But if Pudz or Slyvia wins, they have to do it in CONVINCING and IMPRESSIVE fashion. Mariusz is doubted all across the world and he has to proove that he is for real. While Sylvia has to show that he isn't just a gatekeeper for guys like Pudz and that he can still contend.

      So if you live in USA, Canada, Poland, Korea, or any of the other 14 countries that this event will be PPV'd in, Enjoy a night of fights that is sure to spark fireworks and possible matchups.