Georgia Bulldogs Look To Prove Something vs. Vanderbilt

Dylan MartinContributor IIIMarch 12, 2010

The first time these two teams met was over a month ago when Vanderbilt walked into Stegeman Coliseum looking for an easy win over a struggling Georgia team. What the Commodores got however was a huge surprise, Georgia can play basketball. The Dawgs opened it up in the second half scoring 49 points and going on to win 72-58.

Vanderbilt would meet the Dawgs again late in February this time in Nashville. Now Georgia was real good at their house but was not impressive at all away so Vanderbilt seemed to have an easy win. Like the game in Athens Georgia surprised Vanderbilt taking a lead of five points with :30 seconds left in the game. The Commodores would make a comeback and take the game into overtime.

It was what every Dawg fan was tired of seeing, Georgia blowing big leads late and they did it once again versus Vanderbilt. Georgia went into overtime on the bad side a run for Vanderbilt.

The Commodores would continue that for a win. Dustin Ware missed two free throws late in the game which would have made the lead four for the Dawgs. Had Ware gotten those two points Georgia might have won.

Georgia got their first when of the season outside the state of Georgia last night versus Arkansas for some needed revenge 77-64. Georgia constantly gave up seven, nine, and even eleven point leads in the first half. The second half was a different story however while Arkansas came with in a point the Dawgs never gave up the lead. 

Late in the game Georgia got rolling never giving up a lead and even taking a sixteen point lead before Arkansas got three points after Georgia sent out their bench. What was the biggest thing Georgia can take away from this game is that they found out how to not give up big leads.

Georgia will need to know how to not give up leads versus Vanderbilt if they are going to win tonight. This is the thing Georgia needs to prove tonight to not give up a lead late in the game. Countless times before Georgia has given up leads late in fact if Georgia had not given up any late leads they would be a 20 win team.

Georgia can beat Vanderbilt tonight even though this game is in Nashville they have proved they can win on the road and can beat Vanderbilt. The three main things the Dawgs need to do if they will win is play tough, don't give up, and don't blow leads if they follow these the will pull the upset.