Evan Turner Buzzer Beater Means Buckeye Dominance Over Michigan Lives On

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IMarch 12, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 12:  Guard Evan Turner #21 of the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrates with head coach Thad Matta after making a game winning three point basket in their quarterfinal game against the Michigan Wolverines in the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 12, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Most, if not all, Ohio State and Michigan football fans (and maybe most, if not all, college football fans) know that the Buckeyes have now won six straight, and that head coach Jim Tressel is 8-1 against the Wolverines.

Thanks to the last-second game-winning heroics of Ohio State forward Evan Turner, Thad Matta is now 11-2 vs. that school from the glove shaped state to the north.

That is a combined win/loss record of 19-3...and if you are a Michigan fan, you cannot deny the fact that right now Ohio State literally does own you.

Will it last forever? As a realist, I would tend to think not.

But, will there be a shift in the current trend sooner than later? Very unlikely considering the coaching and recruiting edge Ohio State currently has over UM in both sports.

As for today's game, UM's Manny Harris did his best to put the UM basketball team on his back and lead UM to a win today, but it just wasn't enough.

Many are blaming UM coach John Beilein for not covering the inbound pass, and for barely guarding Evan Turner until he was across the mid-court line.

I am not sure why he made that choice, but in the end, Turner still had to make the 30-footer for the win—which he did.

Hopefully you saw it LIVE, but in case you missed it, here it is again. if you are a Michigan fan, I didn't stick the dagger in, Turner did. I'm simply giving it an extra twist by posting this article and the replay.


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